Sparks Hair Color vs Pravana

One of the most common issue when dying hair is getting a different color or shade than we want even when we already done some lightening or bleaching. For those who want a vivid and beautiful color just like their sample result, Sparks Hair Color vs Pravana are two nice brands to choose. They are proven to give a nice result but may also different so go check our article below to decide which seem more promising or fit your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Hair Dye do you prefer
– What are Sparks Hair Color and Pravana
– Which Variant we pick from Sparks Hair Color and Pravana
– How to apply Sparks Hair Color and Pravana
– What Sparks Hair Color and Pravana can offer to you
– Sparks Hair Color vs Pravana

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
People have their own reason when it comes to why they color their hair. Some may have a problem with premature greying or unwanted hair color that makes them unhappy while some may want to match their hair color with how the trend is going on. While we don’t have to be on the same page about reason, all of us are trying to find the perfect color with the best formulation that we can apply alone at home to be more convenient.

Sure some of us prefer a professional assistance to make sure everything turns out just like we want but not all of us have the time, patience and money to change hair color in salon or other similar establishments often so, at home hair dye is the best solution. For many years, at home hair dye are popularly used for people who want to change their hair shade, to look different and fresher depend on our mood for the moment without having to spend so much.

In general, at home hair dye can be separated by two types; permanent and semi-permanent hair dye. Permanent hair dye, just like the name, when applied will adds to the natural hair pigment which mean the color we have chosen will replace the original color. It uses developer that working by opening cuticle so the dye can sit into the hair in order to apply the permanent color. In lasting power, permanent dye never actually leave your hair but they do fades along the time.

At the other hand, semi-permanent dye is just the exact opposite of permanent. They are ammonia free so there should be no unpleasant smell or no smell at all depend on each products. Due to not using developer into the dye, its molecules only get under the outer cuticle of the hair shaft without penetrating the strands or just wrapping around the hair’s cuticle. Since it sit on the outer part, semi-permanent dyes are easy to wash and will fade away quickly in days or weeks.

About Sparks Hair Color
What makes people prefer semi-permanent dye in the last several years is because it fade away quickly which mean less commitment especially for those who loves to alter their hair color often. When fading, it also won’t leave obvious roots since their color is translucent and gradually washed out. What’s unfortunate is we can’t go lighter with semi-permanent and can either go darker or just tinting the hair unlike a permanent hair dye.

If you are also wanting to get a trendy color without having to commit to it for a long time, choosing a semi-permanent dye is the best option. Now is the time to look for what the market has to offer and as the trend goes strong, we see so many new brands following the step of their rivals. One brand that have been used by many people and proven to work amazing is Sparks by Sparks Color and the one we pick as a sample today is their Long Lasting Bright line.

Sparks Hair Color Variant
Long Lasting Bright by Sparks hair dye is promising a bright color with a long-lasting or a good lasting period on our hair without leaving it dry and looks unhealthy. There has been so many user see the great result of Sparks hair dye and most of them are satisfied how it leave the color on their hair. One pack is also enough for repetitive use depend on how thick or long your hair is. This variant comes in a tube similar like a toothpaste.

Applying Sparks Hair Color
It has a small cap so before using the hair dye, we do recommend to prepare a clean bowl to dispense and keep the dye for an easier coloring process. It contains 3 ounce of the dye and just like any semi-permanent, there is no developer on the package either. We can see that Sparks Hair Color is quite thick in texture and very vivid in color when put on a bowl so if you need a lighter version of the shade, we can mix the dye with a conditioner to mute the color.

In case you mix it with conditioner, make sure to stir them properly until they become a uniform paste depend on how thick your conditioner is. For easier application, detangle hair first after washing and dried them properly before applying to make sure the dye can cover all the hair strands. In addition, it is always best to start with lighter hair color so the dye can show its original shade. Darker hair can use semi-permanent dye like this one as well but the result may not as good.

Starting to apply from roots or anywhere you want in small section to make sure they can properly cover them to avoid patches. Don’t forget to use gloves and towel in your neck to prevent staining. After all hair parts are covered with the hair dye, we should wait at least 20 minutes but we can add more as needed to ensure the color last long and set completely. Read also: Manic Panic Blue Moon vs Rockabilly Blue here.

Sparks Hair Color Result
After washing the dye, we can see how good Sparks Hair Color set in our hair because it indeed delivers a bright purple just like we expected but it depends on your previous shades and we think it works amazing on lightened hair. For those with dark brown or black hair, the color won’t sit as good but it still can give you a tint that will appear when under a bright light. Its lasting power is also very good since generally, it can last more than a month.

About Pravana
If you like Sparks Hair Color, chances are you will love Pravana as well because they are quite similar to each other. Comparing the two, this one is probably more popular and often mentioned when we are talking about semi-permanent hair dye since they can deposit the color vividly, has a nice lasting power and giving the exact shade like we want. There are also various lines we can try from the brand to suit with your need and preference.

Pravana Variant
The one we are picking for our article today is the ChromaSilk Vivids line which is promising a vivid, brilliant color just like you want but will leave your hair feel smooth and silky. Its original ChromaSilk line is meant to offer natural color like brown, black or natural blond and honey shades but this version is introducing a trendy color that becomes a trend in the last several years such as blue like in our sample picture above and magical shades like purple or pink.

Applying Pravana
Pravana is a semi-permanent so we don’t need to dilute the hair dye with developer but if you need to go few level lighter than the initial shade, it is good to dilute the dye with some part of conditioner until reaching the shade you likes better. However, for light shades like silver ash we do recommend to use the dye only for maximum coverage and as light as possible result. First, prepare a small bowl and a brush or applicator.

The dye is very pigmented so it is always good to wear a towel around the neck and hand gloves to avoid tinting your skin. We can start applying from roots, tips or anywhere you prefer and continue until all dye is used to cover those areas. One tube has 3 oz. of dye so based on how much or pigmented you want, we may want to purchase additional tube.

Depend on your need, we can start leaving the dye for 10 minutes or more but most people seem to wait for around half an hour before washing the dye while some can go as long as 45 minutes to an hour.

Pravana Result
After initial wash, we can see how good Pravana deposit the color. For example, this blue shade does give you that trendy blue which is in between dark and light but it is indeed very vivid. If mixed with conditioner about half and half, the shade turns lighter and suitable to be mixed with other muted color such as pastel purple or pink and silver. Its staying power is not the best however, since we can see it fading quite fast around the second or third wash.

Now, let’s compare Sparks Hair Color with Pravana. As you may already know, both of them are proven to work amazing especially in term of depositing the shade since they are very vivid and true to their shade. What we see different is on their staying power because while Pravana does a good job with the color, it is not as long lasting as Sparks Hair Color and washed out faster.

Sparks Hair Color vs Pravana

BrandManic Panic Blue Moon Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue
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All in all, the decision is all yours because we may have different preference in both favorite brand and how they perform. We do like Sparks Hair Color better because not only they give a nice recoloring, their staying power is also impressive.

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