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We can go far to look more attractive since who doesn’t want to look good? To achieve a certain look, we can go as far as tinting our eyebrow and lashes. This is actually great for people who want to give more color into their fine hair or naturally have light shade. In the market, we can use various products to color our brow like Refectocil vs Intensive. Both of them are very popular but check our article below first before making up your mind.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Safe
– Why People Tinting their Eyelash and Eyebrow
– What are the Side Effect of Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting
– What are Refectocil and Intensive
– How Many Colors do Refectocil and Intensive Offer
– How to apply Refectocil and Intensive
– What Refectocil and Intensive can offer to you
– Refectocil vs Intensive

Eyelash and Eyebrow Safety
As a human, we are known to never satisfied with ourselves, it including our body, appearance, achievements and many more. We always want to get better and better in our eyes and the standard of each person are different which creating a market for so many products to alter our look such as make-up and hair dying or styling tools. Of course there is nothing wrong with appearing like we want to, the problem is sometime we may risk our body to achieve them.

We all know that cosmetics are not always safe since we never know what ingredients they used in the making process and whether they are safe enough for the kind of application we need. Some of them are even using a harmful substance that are not only bad for you but also for the environment and of course, while they can be promising, they are not good to use, moreover, in a prolonged period. Just like what all people say, it is better to prevent rather than to cure.

Due to the possible danger of some chemical or harmful substances, many people are limiting themselves to only used products that are already passed by FDA to make sure they are safe enough to use. In the beauty trend lately, we can see so many people are raving about eyelash and eyebrow tint which is still one of the most popular service on hair or beauty salons in various states and other countries. However, it seems that not all states allow their salons to do them due to their law.

This is because tinting brows and lashes are not always safe and even said just as safe as drinking raw milk, taken from Allure. Since both of them are not officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration, we can’t get them at any places here and even as dangerous as playing a Russian roulette; sometime we are safe but the other time is not. No experts are recommending people to dye their lashes and brows but nobody can stop the trend.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Benefit
The popularity and people interest about dying or tinting their eyelashes and brow are none than the benefit of doing them since as we know, other treatment or service that focus on those parts are a bit high in maintenance.

Usually we will do eyelash extension or microblading which can take time and money to do depend on each salon. With eyelash and brow tinting, we can make them appear fuller with just applying a color into them, moreover, they can last quite long.

Another obvious benefit is we don’t have to apply additional makeup to make them looks more appealing like using a high-end mascara or spending an extra time to make sure your eyebrow are symmetrical with the other by using pencil and brush. It is a tedious tasks we faced everyday and tinting will save more time with just one application to enjoy in a several weeks; save time, save money, and we still look good without more effort.

Compared to for example using a brow pencil, brow tinting is also look more natural since they won’t leave that little marks the pencil do when grazing our skin and this will give an even look on them. However, to look natural also mean to match with your hair color since light hair with dark and bold black brow will look unmatched. Read also: Keracolor vs Ultracolor here.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Side Effect
Before you are deciding to book a service or purchasing a brow and lash tint, we have to understand the risk of doing them first since as it has been mentioned above, they are not approved by FDA yet since those especially permanent dye can cause some serious eye injuries. The skin around eyes are very sensitive and using a dye may cause some problems like irritation to the actual sclera of the eye that can last for several days.

Some people may also experience some allergic reaction that shown with complete redness, scaliness, and extreme itching that may last for several days as well as need a medication to prevent them from getting worse.

About Refectocil
If you are already aware of the risk and understand that lash and brow tint can have a side effect as well as not always safe then, it is the time to look for a product to do yours. While we can have them from various brands and manufacturer, if you are already browsing for the brand of popular tint used by many people, we are sure you will also come across Refectocil. This one is among the most well-known at-home eyebrow and lash tint that we can get easily at stores.

Refectocil Color Option
The first thing we love from this brand is they are providing a good amount of color in their catalogue, making it easier to find the perfect match for our hair shade. However, compared to regular hair dye collections with tons of choices, most of Refectocil shades are in natural color like natural brown, light brown, chestnut, black and a bit grayish like graphite. For those with funky hair color can get option like blue black, deep blue, purple and red.

Applying Refectocil
What you have to keep in mind is Refectocil is not sold in a set like a hair dye products that already have the developer and even conditioner inside their packaging and for this brand, the one we get on the box is only the tube filled with the dye, a small mixing stick which you can use as an applicator but we don’t recommend it, and a small leaflet that show you how to use the tint, thus make sure to also purchase the developer that sold separately.

When you get all you need, an eyebrow tint, a developer, a mixing compartment and a brush to apply the product, we can begin the applying process. First, mix about 2 cm of the tint with 10 drops of the developer in a mixing plate or compartment.

For additional information, there are two types of developer available by the brand; one is liquid and one is cream. You can pick the one matching your preference the most since both of them are the same.

After the two mixed well, we can start applying the formulation little by little on your eyebrow like drawing them with your pencil brow and make sure to apply thinly first to make sure they won’t get too dark for your taste. After two eyebrows are properly painted with the formulation, we can only wait for 10 minutes for the color to set. Notice that we don’t mention doing an eyelash here since it dangerous to do them alone or if you don’t have the proper tool.

If you still want to use them on eyelash, try to ask other people to apply them for you and use a proper tool or skin protector like patches to make sure the formula won’t get to your below eyes area and instead of angled brush, try applying with a very small wand to spread the tint formula.

Refectocil Benefit
What we love from Refectocil is the consistency of its formulation since when blend with their developer (liquid), they become like a mousse and not clumpy like many other tints. This promote an easier application and a cleaner look since we can control them better when trying to follow the natural brow.
The color they produce is also amazingly similar to the shade they show, so we won’t end up with somehow a different shade than what we intend to like brown to black and vice versa.

On the lasting power, each users may have different experience and it is hard to say if we can have the color to stay for long since Refectocil is semi-permanent tint and while the brand itself claim the color can stay for about 6 weeks, most users seem to see their color last around 3-4 weeks.

About Intensive
Just like any popular things out there, we can always have an option to choose from one product to another and it is the same like eyebrow and eyelash tint since with the popularity, some manufacturer will also offer their product to take advantage of the market. However, not all of them will perform the same and if you need the one that already trusted even by professional, Intensive can be your next option to give color into your eyebrow at home.

This brand is based in Germany but we can get the product in various places or online market that also offer beauty products like Amazon. The one we put as an example above is the product made in the USA and if you see another package with the same Intensive name but a little bit different without the small butterfly above the name, the product is made in their home country, Germany.

Intensive Color Options
Among other similar brands, Intensive is probably one of the most well-known today and commonly used by both professional and individual. They also have a good amount of collection we can try and match with our natural hair from black, brown, light brown, graphite to a funky shade like dark blue, blue and red. In addition, we can also find the developer, skin protection cream, and any related tools used to apply the formulation into eyebrow or lash and various other eye products.

Applying Intensive
Just like Refectocil, Intensive eyebrow and eyelash tint is not coming with the developer so make sure to also purchase them when you want to use this product because we need the developer to mix the color and create a tint formulation. When you already have all the products and tool, now is the time to mix the products; what we need to do is use them in 1:1 ratio which means we have to put the same amount of tint and developer.

We can use a small cup or bowl to mix them and don’t forget to mix them well to avoid any patches when you apply the products later like by crushing them into the sides since the new formulation is a bit thicker.

When you done mixing, you probably will see a different color, mostly lighter than the original shade but you don’t have to worry since this is not the color they will turns out later, so if you use a black shade, they will appear like grey at first.
When the mixing are done, we can begin to apply the color in your eyebrow or lashes and make sure to apply them properly to avoid patches since the color will last for a few weeks and a miss like this is not will hard to deal with later. After you are done applying, set your timer for 10 minutes and clean the formula.
Intensive Benefit

Above all else, Intensive do deliver a good result when it comes to tinting and putting colors into our eyebrow and eyelashes, the color they deliver is very vivid and similar to those on the cover while the consistency is easy to work on. They are not like a mousse and more into semi-creamy side similar like a paste while even with the new mixing ratio, one tube can last a long way for many applications in the future or even share with a friend.

Now, let’s compare Refectocil with Intensive. Both of them are undeniably two of the most popular eyelash and eyebrow tint brand today that we can get either on professional salon or at stores to apply at home. Both are also able to give a good result and generally can last for several weeks. What separate them the most in our opinion are the mixing ratio and consistency.

With Refectocil, the mixing ratio is 2 cm and 10 drops of the developer while with Intensive, they will require 1:1 part of the tint and developer. While both of them are easy to measure, we think the Refectocil one is easier to proceed. In addition, Refectocil is also more pleasant in consistency with a mousse-like texture unlike Intensive with a semi-creamy consistency yet, this is only based on our opinion.

Refectocil vs intensive

BrandRefectocil Intensive
Key features- Please Note: Developer is not included with this product, it needs to be purchased separately. - Natural Brown No. 3 is a strong and versatile opaque brown that creates the most natural brunette looks. - Natural brown lashes and brows. Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil tints. Smudge- and waterproof. Lasts 6 weeks.- Not tested on animals. - For professional use only. - Set comes with one tube of Middle Brown hair tint and one bottle of Developer Cream.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have a different taste and preference. However, between the two we will recommend you Refectocil simply because the formulation and the price because compared to Intensive, this brand is more affordable and still giving an amazing result.

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