Refectocil Black vs Blue Black

Fashion is something very tempting to follow such as when it is very popular to color your eyebrow and eyelashes. For those who want to go natural, we can opt for a safe product like Refectocil Black vs Blue Black. These colors are very popular and pigmented, but if you still wonder whether this brand is the right option or not, go check our article below first before deciding to pick the most suitable color for your hair and see what the product can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Tinting your Eyebrow and Lashes
  • What are the Risks of Tinting your Eyebrow and Lashes
  • What are Refectocil Black and Blue Black
  • What Colors Available Beside Refectocil Black and Blue Black
  • How to use Refectocil Black and Blue Black
  • What Refectocil Black and Blue Black can offer to you
  • Refectocil Black vs Blue Black

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Benefit
Today, looking at people with colorful hair is not surprising anymore because hair dye has been very popular in the last several years and looking trendy with unnatural hair are the choice of so many people. Before the last decade, it is very rare to see people with pink or purple hair out there but now, there are many youngsters and adult alike coloring their hair following their taste and preferences; to look bold and stylish or anything we want to present.

This trend is also affecting another hair on another part of our head and they are eyebrow and eyelash. For those who are not always update about the trend, some people we know may cringe their eyebrow and ask are they safe enough to do since we know something near our eyes are very sensitive and prone to harmful things. This is also why, we are always recommended to apply skin care except those meant for near eyes area to be applied near them.

While many people are scared to even imagine doing the procedure, it is not stopping us from trying to dye our eyebrow and eyelash. The benefit of tinting brow or lashes are very clear which is to give more pigment to them, like when we are coloring our hair and this is often done by people with lighter hair pigment in general because their lashes and brows are light and can’t be seen if not drawn with pencil brow or tinted with mascara.

Having a light hair is not preferable by many people since while there are hairs, they are very light and can’t be seen by other people from afar, making our appearance look unusual; some people do call this like an alien. By tinting the brow or lashes, we hope to see an instant and significant result to our face and make it look more natural. Another tempting benefit is they are fairly easy to take care of since we don’t have to use pencil brow anymore or apply some mascara.

For eyebrow, compared to microblading, dying them is easier and cheaper without any pain at all and while some are preferring to ask a professional help at salon, with the help of dying kit, we can apply them at home. Eyelash or eyebrow dying process is also very simple and quick; most being around 10 minutes and we can get a result for several weeks because the dye are semi-permanent which should be safer than the permanent option, if any.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Risk
Before you are deciding to dye your lashes or brow, there are things we need to consider first to make sure you are already aware of both benefit and risks of the procedure. This is because eyelash and brow dyes are not approved by FDA since they are commonly used coal tar in their formulation, thus finding a salon that can do the procedure for you may become quite a hassle especially in US and Canada.

Taken from Allure, tinting this area may cause serious eye injury and this is agreed by both the federal agency and experts. Other than the eyes, we also have to take the whole area into account as you may already know, the skin here are particularly susceptible to allergic reaction and irritation.

Inside most dyes, there must be preservatives and chemical ingredients that are posing the risk to cause any side effects. This is why before tinting, it is better to check if you are allergic to the formulation or not by testing them first.

If you plan on choosing “vegetable/plant/fruit-based” dye, you may also want to consider that there is no 100% natural hair dye available because to put the color, companies must use chemical and this is used just to attract customer or for marketing purpose. An ingredient called coal tar which is important in dyes are also getting notice and today coal tars are synthetic with a high level of quality and purity, thus may pose lower risks in cosmetics.

In Canada especially, it seem that the use of this ingredient as lash and brow tint are starting to get an acceptance. In the US, things is different since we can’t do the procedure just anywhere, especially in California because the state bans the use of products unapproved by the FDA. However, for those who live in New York, we can find many salons who are willing to do the procedure here as long as they are using non-permanent dyes.

About Refectocil Black and Blue Black
After you are already aware of both benefit and the risk of dying your eyelash or eyebrow, it is the time to hunt for the perfect product for you. In the market, there are various brands available both those made in the US and made in other countries. If you are already looking around to see what brand recommended by many people in the market, chances are you will see Refectocil name everywhere since brand is among the most popular today.

This brand products are made in Austria but they are available in more than 50 countries today including the US. Currently, they are also among the top of choices both by professional and at home users because how good they perform when giving those color on your brow and lashes. Many people who have been using the dyes are also satisfied with the result and most have been safely using them more than once. Read also: Refectocil vs Intensive here.

Refectocil Black and Blue Black Color Option
When it comes to dye something, things will depend on two things, whether we want to go natural or bold. For brow and lashes, most people tend to go natural, following the color of their hair or look for darker tone.

Among the collection, Refectocil Black and Blue Black are the favorite since these colors will define your eyes more, making them deeper and attractive as well as fuller even without the help of mascara or pencil brow.

For those with more adventurous taste, there are also many other collection we can get here from blonde, red and purple while the rest like natural brown and chestnut are more into natural shade. Even though the option is not as many as what you can usually get from a regular hair dye, we still can use these colors for everyday activities and matched with human natural shades.

Applying Refectocil Black and Blue Black
The safest way of applying anything is reading the manual and proceed with a full understanding just like when you want to dye your brow or lash. We will not recommend you to dye lashes alone because we can’t properly see and measure the application but here, we will give some information regarding the application for eyebrow tinting, thus if you want to tint your lash as well, make sure to ask a professional or other person’s help if you plan on doing it at home.

Another thing we want to mention is Refectocil can be sold separately or in a set which mean, the dyes are in different package with the other tools and developer since one box only have the dye. This is also why you have to make sure what you are purchasing; for easier option we can find the seller who already offered them in a set or if you can’t found them, just make sure to purchase the developer and tools as well.

First is the mixing part and Refectocil actually have two versions of their developer; the liquid and creamy types, so choose the one that match your preference the most. Generally, the liquid type will cause your dye to become more liquidy while the other will promote a thicker texture. When talking about measurement, there are actually few recommendations out there to specify how many we put the dye and how many we put the developer.

The recommendation goes one drop of dye with one drop of developer, 2 cm of dye with 10 drops or liquid developer or 15 drops of cream developer, and so on. The key is, if you are using the cream developer, try putting more than the liquid type.

Mix both of them on a palette or a small cup and make sure to properly blend these two so we won’t get patches when washing off the dyes.

Both of Refectocil Black and Blue Black are very similar and applied with the same manner along with any other color from the brand. When you are done mixing, put something like Vaseline gel around your eyebrow area to prevent them from staining your skin. Apply the mixture with a flat small brush or a spatula depend on your preference and apply them carefully, covering all the eyebrow. After you are done, wait for about 10 minutes then wash them clean.

For eyelash application, there are additional tool you need to have to perform the hair dye which is a patch. This tool will protect the area below your eyes and prevent the dyes from getting into your eyes as well. To apply them, put an amount in a small applicator and cover the lashes carefully then let it set for 10 minutes. When washing the dyes, make sure to not open your eyes before the dyes are washed off completely to avoid them getting into your eyes.

Refectocil Black and Blue Black Benefit
When you wash the dyes off, now we can see how good the color stay in your eyebrow and lashes. What we love the most from Refectocil is how vivid their color is and how long they will last in your hairs.

The brand itself claimed that this dye can last for up to 6 weeks but many users see their color usually last for about 3 to 4 weeks. This is probably because our hair will fall and replaced with a new one.

Another we love from Refectocil Black and Blue Black is their consistency because they are offering two types of developer here, providing an option for you whether you want them to be more liquidy or creamy. We personally prefer both of them because even with the liquid developer, the real consistency will be quite mousse-like and easy to apply, so when using the creamy version, the consistency should be thicker and less runny but will be a bit hard to mix.

When talking about the difference between Refectocil Black with Blue Black, their difference is only on the color they deliver because just like the name, Refectocil Black will give you a dark black shade which is good when you have a natural black hair for either your eyebrow and eyelash since this color is universal and looks good with most people. At the other hand, Blue Black from Refectocil is indeed still coming with a dark color yet with a twist.

The real color may not very visible when you are wearing them on a dim condition and most of the time, it will look like black but, when you try standing in a bright room or with a bright lighting, there will be a blue hue on your hair that somehow add a dimension into your eyes when applied on lashes, making them look deeper. This color is popular for eyelash and it is rare to find people using them for eyebrow since they will appear less natural when you are not currently having a blue black hair as well.

Refectocil Black vs Blue Black

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All in all, both of them are suitable for anyone with darker hair shade or black hair that want their eyebrow and lashes to be more defined. Our recommendation is use the blue black on lashes and black on eyebrow to achieve a natural and bold appearance.


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