Pravana vs Manic Panic

Hair is something we are proud of but often have a problem with. When they are healthy and beautiful, our confidence is increased and vice versa. Many of us dye them as well to look more appealing and stylish. If you need a vivid dye that will perform good but also easy to apply, Pravana vs Manic Panic are two nice option to go. Both of them are highly reviewed for the performance but check our article first to see which suit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair dye
– What are Pravana and Manic Panic
– How many variant do Pravana and Manic Panic offer
– How to apply Pravana and Manic Panic
– What Pravana and Manic Panic can offer to you
– Pravana vs Manic Panic

Hair Dye
We adore beautiful, healthy hair whether it is natural or styled because each person have their own taste when it comes to how they want to look like and it is our freedom to choose which suit us better. Style and how a person actually is are not always the same and this kind of thinking have long gone after technology and human society becomes more advanced. In the past, wearing a short skirt and dye our hair blue may attract eyes but today, everything seems normal.

In the last several years, probably around 2015, there is a new trend happening due to the widespread use of social media. Before, inspiring looks often found on magazine and television but today, we can accessed a lot of information right in our fingertips including what kind of trend currently happening and this craze is about colorful hair, rainbow hair, and unnatural hair color. People used to dye their hair to cover greying spots and some unwanted shade due to various things but today, we dye because we want it.

Dyeing hair is very fun and let us express ourselves better combined with the clothes and makeup we want to use but it is not always pleasant. No matter if you are dyeing with a traditional dye or modern product, there is always a chance of hair damage which we should avoid since it can affect our hair longevity and attract various hair problems in the future that may be hard to deal with. This is because there are some chemicals used to put the color.

Permanent hair dyes are thought to give more bad effect but semi-permanent can also cause a damage in your hair. A semi-permanent dye will strip easier and faster so we can try a new shade to prevent boredom of having the same hair color for a long time. While new hair color is exciting, not all dyes will give you the same result and quality which is why we need to select and pick one that has a good performance.

A good hair dye should deposit the color vividly depend on how dark or light your hair currently is and doesn’t leave it dry after application as well as have a decent staying power starting from weeks to months or has a nice fading to avoid ends up looking dull.

About Pravana
We know that there are a huge options out there, so it may be hard to decide what brand to pick and which hair dye to choose but, if you don’t want to spend much time looking around the store, it is probably best to look for what other people are in love with because the items match the other may match our taste as well. One of the most popular hair dye in the market is Pravana and we are sure most people are already familiar with this one.

Pravana Variant
This brand is mainly offering hair dye and working to expand their collection as well as introducing new formulation but today, they are currently offering 3 types of hair dye. The one in our article is their Chromasilk dye but they also have Vivids line as well as various lines differentiated by the color option and lasting power. Chromasilk dye itself is a collection of dye that claimed to leave the hair silky smooth due to its formulation to prevent dryness after application.

Pravana in general offer a huge color options from natural, conservative shades to those bright green, yellow, pink or blue trendy shades so we can choose what match our current mood right now. As for Chromasilk collection, their original shades are mostly natural but the Chromasilk Vivids like in our sample picture above is offering modern, popular shades. Read also: Pravana Vivids vs Locked In here.

Applying Pravana
Pravana is a single hair dye which mean we don’t need a developer to blend the formulation with but if you want, we can also mix conditioner into the dye which should be lightening the color and make the dye easier to spread because a single dye tends to be thicker than those with their developer. Before applying the dye, make sure to have a towel to cover the neck and chest, a bowl and an applicator or a brush as well as gloves.

Paravana is a vivid dye so we will end up with stain in skin if not properly covered. After putting the dye in a bowl, we can began applying but it is always good to start with a detangle hair to avoid uneven spread. Apply starting from scalp or other part in case you want to make gradation or ombre colors and apply generously to give a proper coverage. After all done, we should wait for about 30 minutes to 2 hours to properly set the color.

Pravana Benefit
After washing the dye, we can see the result and we can add some moisture as well if needed. Depend on how light your hair is at, Pravana works amazing for lighter hair just like any other dye and it indeed give a vivid result but, those with a dark brown or black, unbleached hair should not expect much from it for the dye won’t able to deposit the color properly. While the result is nice, we found the dye is quite drying for many people.

About Manic Panic
Because there is always chance to look for other product and see which offer the best benefit or performance, we should compare them first to the rival or similar item and if you are not sure yet about Pravana, Manic Panic may have what you want. This hair dye is equally popular and probably one of the most well-known when it comes to bright colors with many of their user satisfied about the product. They also have a wide collection to choose and match with customer’s need.

Manic Panic Variant
In their collection, we can get various hair dye types ranging from a neutral black to that unique, neon shade and some even have a glow effect in the dark. The one in our article today is their Classic High Voltage hair dye but beside this version, they also have a bottled Amplified, tubed colored styling gel, hair color spray, colorful hair extension and other cosmetic such as dry powder, lipstick, nail paint and many other.

Applying Manic Panic
This version is a semi-permanent dye and will strip from your hair for a few weeks so we don’t have to commit for too long. It is a single dye as well like Pravana and due to have a bigger jar, in our opinion it is easier to take the cream out. Before applying, like always we have to prepare the towel, gloves, a bowl for easy application and mixing if needed and an application brush. Make sure to wash without conditioner and dry your hair properly before applying as well as detangle them.

Put the dye in a bowl and take an amount to your hair then spread evenly. What we notice, Manic Panic is easier to apply compared to Pravana because it is creamier but won’t create drip. It can be mixed with other color or conditioner if needed to create a certain shade in case you want to create a more muted or different color than what the collection already have. After all hair is covered, wait for about an hour to let the color set.

Manic Panic Benefit
After washing the hair, we can see the result but comparing it with Pravana, in our opinion the color is not as bright as the other brand even when using the same shade, probably because they have different concentration which affect the texture as well. It still gives a good result and perform nicely as well as leaving the hair not very dry at the end. However, its lasting power is thought to be not as good but this can also be affected by our caring routine.

Now, let’s compare Pravana with Manic Panic. As you may already know, both of them are a good choice to put a color in your hair but Pravana is proven to work better in term of depositing the color and have a more concentrated formulation than Manic Panic. It is indeed comes in a small tube but those with a medium hair can just use one of them due to its thick consistency.

Pravana vs Manic Panic

BrandPravanaManic Panic
Key features- It is easy to use, with no developer required - It gives hair artists everything they need to concoct, mix and create endless color palettes - Suitable for all hair types- MIXABLE COLORS & TONES: Customize dark, light, long or short hair with this ready-to-use, no-mix Manic Panic hair dye. Create a softer pastel color of your chosen shade by adding Manic Panic Pastel-izer. -SEMI PERMANENT HAIR DYE: This semi permanent hair dye formula gradually fades in 4-6 weeks because it does not penetrate the cortex of your hair, but simply rests on top of the hair shaft. - CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN FORMULA – This color cream hair dye features vegan ingredients tested on celebrities, not animals. Made in the USA, hair color is PPD & ammonia-free, paraben-free, gluten-free resorcinol-free, phthalate-free and PETA accredited.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference so it is best to pick the one match that your need. If we are to recommend we do prefer Pravana because of its better performance in both depositing the color and staying power.

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