Pravana vs Joico

Coloring our hair is nice and all until we get a result that somehow doesn’t match our expectation even after doing all the required process. If you need a hair dye that can deliver the color like what they promised, Pravana vs Joico are two nice brands to choose. These at home hair dyes are proven to be working decently and very popular. For those who wonder which the better option, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Hair Dye
– What are Pravana and Joico
– How Many Variant do Pravana and Joico have
– How to Apply Pravana and Joico
– What Pravana and Joico can offer to you
– Pravana vs Joico

Hair Dye
When it comes to hair, it seems we can find numerous or almost endless list of products out there marketed to make your hair look more appealing and following what you want them to look like, starting from the treatment we have to do to improve their strength and texture to those styling products and items to reshaped them as needed. Among those many products, hair dye is the one we need to give a different vibe to our hair.

Hair dye has always been popular but in the past, it is often used to conceal any premature greying or unwanted shade appears in our hair. Today, hair dye is often used as a part to achieve a fashionable look floating around Instagram and other popular social media. In the last several years, colorful, rainbow and ombre hair has be very popular especially among female and it is actually understandable since they do look pretty. Some even gives you a magical vibe like a mix of magenta and purple shade.

While hair dyeing is fun and all to make sure we won’t get bored of our natural shade, not every coloring is going to end up pleasant especially for an at home hair dye. There are time when we succeeded at getting the air color or shade matching our expectation but there are times when we somehow doesn’t see a pleasant result. Looking for hair color inspiration is easy but looking for the trusted hair dye is not, so we have to be very careful.

The problem is some people get a good experience with a brand and some people may not which making it confusing when reading or watching reviews about each brands. However, we will never know for sure except testing them ourselves and see the result. One thing that always affect hair dye result is the original color of our natural hair because hair dye works better with a bleached or lighten hair so for those who need a proper result may want to do this process first.

This process makes sure the color we want to deposit sit better in our hair because the chemical used will strip the original color especially those who want to apply permanent dye. As for semi-permanent, it affects the same but for those who only need some tint, lightening may not needed for what we seek here is only tinting and not a full recoloring.

About Pravana
All hair dye promised a good result but not all them will give you a great result which is why we have to see what the other think about them and if you don’t want to gamble, Pravana is one of the best choice. This hair dye is proven to work amazing by so many users already so we don’t have to question their effectivity. Its formulation is very rich and can be both used in a professional establishment as well as at home self-dye.

Pravana Variant
Pravana is a brand of hair styling, dye and care so there are not only dyes in the catalogue but products like shampoo and conditioner as well as hair vitamins which we can apply to help protecting the color we have applied before. As for the hair dye, they have both semi and permanent dyes but the one we used as an example here is the semi-permanent ChromaSilk Vivids. This dye promise a vivid color without leaving your hair dry and hard to deal with.

The original ChromaSilk mostly available in a more natural shades such as black, brown, blonde or copper but the Vivids dye has a more colorful option such as magenta, purple, yellow, red, blue and many other trendy colors. Read also: Pravana vs Manic Panic here.

Applying Pravana
Just like many modern hair dye, Pravana is a single hair dye or it doesn’t need a developer thus, we don’t need much product to mix for a single color is enough to apply the shade. It is come in a tube package like a toothpaste with a very creamy dye inside. This dye feels smooth to spread and not very thick so don’t worry about how to spread the product later. However, the package is quite small for one application especially for thicker hair so user may want to purchase at least 2 tubes.

Prepare the tool first before applying including a clean bowl to keep or mix the product, a gloves, towel and an application brush. We can mix Pravana with other colors or even other similar hair dye to create a custom shade or with a conditioner to tone down the color, making the shade not as vivid. For those who use more than one product, make sure to mix them properly to make sure there is no patches later.

Start applying from roots for a full color single dye or anywhere as you preferred and it is always recommended to apply in a small section to help a more or better coverage especially with a thicker hair. After all done, we can use a shower cap to prevent the color transfer into our shirt or chair and wait from about 30 minutes to 2 hours to let the color sit.

Pravana Benefit
After the color set, we can wash the dye and see the result. We are very satisfied about how Pravana put the shade in the hair since it is working amazing on a light hair which is needed if you want a more vivid result. What’s unfortunate is somehow the Silk is not working properly because there are people who experienced a drying hair after washing so we do recommend to moistures your hair after initial washing and use similar treatment as long as they don’t strip the color.

As for the lasting performance, it doesn’t strip in the first wash but will eventually start to fade in the second wash. Some people use a dry shampoo to make the color last longer but in average, they will stay for about two weeks.

About Joico
Because there are so many options out there, we should check what the other have to offer as well and if you like Pravana, you may want to try Joico as well. This hair dye may not as often heard as the other but it is also loved by users for their amazing work on putting a shade in our hair. This brand also have a huge options of products ranging from hair care to hair color both to keep your hair healthy and make the shade we applied last longer.

Joico Variant
They do have shampoo and conditioner alike as well as hair oils for treatments but for the hair dye, Joico also have several lines like Lumishine which is promising twice the shine as your healthy hair, an Age Defying color for matured hair and the one we used as an example above called Intensify. This one is a dye for those who need a bright, brilliant shade with their amazing wide color option. Some of their shades even promised a pearl-like pearlescent to add shine to your hair.

Applying Joico
Similar like Pravana, Joico is also a single semi-permanent dye especially the Intensity we used here. This product comes in a fairly big tubes which in our opinion should be enough for a short medium hair because it has about 4 ounce in each pack but of course you can always keep another tube for touch up later. We can mix the color with both another shade as needed to create a certain shade or with a conditioner to turn the color brighter.

Compared to Pravana, in our opinion Joico dye’s texture is less thick and almost like a mix between cream and gel so it can be easier to spread depend on what you mix it with. Don’t forget to prepare gloves, bowl and towel to protect your skin as well as application brush. Put the dye in a bowl and mix them in case you use two shades or with a conditioner then start applying; we can start from roots or other parts as needed.

To set the color, we have to wait for about 30 minutes or more as you prefer but many people goes with 20 or 30 minutes and already get a great result. After done waiting, we can begin washing as well as applying conditioner if needed.

Joico Benefit
Joico is working very well putting the color in hair even when left for about 30 minutes depend on how light/dark your hair currently is. The formulation is also easy to work with and have no unpleasant odor. What’s amazing is it has quite the lasting power as a semi-permanent dye because there are people who can make the dye last for about a month even with regular shampooing. It also fades into a nice lighter color as time goes by.

Now, let’s compare Pravana with Joico. In performance, both of them are similarly amazing by putting the exact shade to your hair as long as the original hair is light enough to accept the shade. In texture Pravana is a little bit thicker compared to Joico so we may have to use more product while the other is not as thick. In lasting power, while Pravana is decent as a semi-permanent, it seems that Joico able to last longer.

Pravana vs Joico

Key features- It is easy to use, with no developer required - It gives hair artists everything they need to concoct, mix and create endless color palettes - Suitable for all hair types- Joico for the love of beauty - Multi-action formulas feature mega doses of our revolutionary Bio-Advanced Peptide - Not tested on animals

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have a different opinion and experience. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Joico because it has a nicer consistency and able to last long as well as more affordable than Pravana.

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