Pravana Vivids vs Locked In

Hair color is like a fashion that change over time and then resurface after several years. Sometime it is good to go natural while there are also times when we want to try a new color and see how they suit us, simply because they are interesting. However, we still have to pay attention the hair dye quality for they have to be good such as Pravana Vivids vs Locked in. If you are also eyeing these variants, go check our article below to see their differences.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently want to dye your hair
– What are Pravana Vivids and Locked In
– What options do Pravana Vivids and Locked In have
– What are the consistency of Pravana Vivids and Locked In
– How to apply Pravana Vivids and Locked In
– What Pravana Vivids and Locked In can offer to you
– Pravana Vivids vs Locked In

Hair Coloring
People are coloring their hair for different reasons, some of us just want to try a new colors following our current taste, some may want to look trendy following the current fashionable colors while some may want to cover their grey hair which is naturally can appear at almost any age even in younger people. While women are shown to color their hair more than men, there are also a lot of male coloring their hair to match their current taste or just for fashion.

As you may already know, hair dye product is utilizing several chemicals in their formulation to properly apply their color into our hair and due to this, they are not good when used frequently since they can cause dry and weak hair that may lead to another hair issues later. Because it is bad to recolor them often, we are looking for a hair dye that can last longer in our hair and can give a vibrant color with an easy application we can do alone at home.

Some of us may prefer to recolor their hair in salon or similar establishments, but not all of us are capable or willing to spend so much just to give color to our hair and if you also feel the same, using DIY hair color which we can purchase in stores can be a great option to go. Not only they are widely available, most brands also offering a wide range of colors from calm natural colors until a bright neon or unusual color for hair like purple or green.

Just like what you may already know, the color shown in hair dye package is not always the same like what we will see in our hair since to be brightly colored, our hair need to be light enough first which is the function of bleaching.

This process removes our hair natural hair color and prepare them for the next coloring stage. However, if your hair is already light, we may not need to do them again.

If you wonder whether to bleach your hair or not, just follow the general rule. If they are never treated or dyed before and are dark but you want to go for lighter color like purple or pink, we need to bleach them. However, if you want to go for darker color, we wouldn’t need to bleach them. To put it simply, bleaching is to remove the current color in your hair and making the next color more apparent and vibrant or show it’s true property.

Darker dye is usually easier to do since we can either bleach or pass the process before coloring our hair. The problem is when you want to try lighter color since they won’t appear as light as you want if you already have a dark hair. This process is also need to be repeated several times if you have a very dark hair to properly remove the color and give you that light hair ready to be colored.

About Pravana Vivids and Locked In
Since there are so many options out there we can try, it is understandable that sometime we can get confused about which product or which brand to choose, afraid if they going to work properly or turn our hair into a disaster. If you are looking for a hair color or dying solution that we can do at home by ourselves, Pravana can be a great brand to pick because they are offering a professional grade dye with an affordable price, and of course a long lasting color.

This brand is available for purchase through many online retailers, so you can get them anywhere while for those living outside the country or US, you may end up with a quite high shipping. Pravana is a very popular brand of hair dye in recent years due to their quality and easy appliance but they are also offering many other hair dye related products if you are interested, not only the coloring agent.
Currently, this brand’s hair dye is available in various product lines which we can check on Pravana official homepage .

They are separated by the product line based on how long the color will last in your hair from permanent hair color until semi-permanent color along with their sub products.

Many people seem to prefer the semi-permanent result for we can change them not long after when we are getting bored of the color without bleaching them again.

If you are also interested in the semi-permanent result, Pravana Vivids and Locked In can be a good option to go. The first version is still widely available today but the Locked In seems to be discontinued by the manufacturer last year yet, you can still get them in various online stores like in Amazon.

Pravana Vivids and Locked In Consistency
While they may look similar, these two hair dye are different in the basic since Vivids will just behave like any other hair dye you ever used while they do need some special attention, we will talk about it later.

The one prominently different from other hair dyes is Locked In variant because just like the name, they are going to be locked in your hair once you apply them, without transferring into other hair and they wash almost clear, thus they won’t stain your bathroom.

You can clearly see their difference when opening the tube and squeeze out the content because in Vivids variant, their consistency will be creamier and thick like a cream while the Locked in formulation is different with their gel-like appearance and consistency. They are almost equally thick but since the Locked In is gel, we have to put extra effort to mix them when you want to apply a different color, so there will be no patch where the color is different from the rest.

Pravana Vivids and Locked In Color Options
Both of Pravana Vivids and Locked In are available in many different color options but the Vivids variant is winning in this side by coming with more color options in 19 different color variants such as green, orange, even silver. At the other hand, Locked In variant is only available in 5 color options; blue, pink, red, teal, yellow and purple. But, we can mix them together if you need to create custom color depend on the artist or your taste.

While hair dye or color are generally applied the same way, Pravana is a little bit difference and we have to read the package carefully or watch professional do them first to avoid that messy bathroom due to the enormous application. As you can see, both of Pravana Vivids and Locked In are coming in a tube and they are enough to color several heads depend on how long your hair is but their similarity stops until here.

Applying Pravana Vivids
Let’s talk about how to apply Pravana Vivids first. Just like with every hair dye, your hair needs to be light enough when you try light or vibrant color like this line collections, so bleach them first if you have a dark hair to properly give the color and show its true property. You can use hair bleach from this brand, other brand or ask a professional help, just make sure they are light enough.

After your hair is light enough, we can begin the coloring process and what you need to keep in mind here is Pravana Vivids is very concentrated so we can dilute them if you want with conditioner or similar things to get the kind of color you want. For example, you want to have gradation which will looks great if you mix the color with some conditioner to make them light enough depend on your taste and then continue with concentrated dye for the tip.

They are creamy and we can spread them easily so unlike hair day with more liquid consistency such as L Oreal Superior Preference vs Excellence Crème, there will be far less bleed here and easier to maintain or use without too much effort or mess. After you applied them, we have to wait for at least 30 minutes for the color to stay in and the wash them clean.

Applying Pravana Locked In
At the other hand, Pravana Locked In is a little different due to special feature of this hair dye which will make them harder to spread if you are not using any tool.

To start coloring, we don’t have to mix this hair dye with conditioner or developer, just make sure your hair is already light and you are ready to go. However, we can mix one color to another to create a new color or custom color since the available option is limited.

To properly apply Pravana Locked In, it is recommended to separate the hair in a smaller and thin section and then work them with a dedicated brush or applicator.

Since they are in gel, we have to mix them well if you use more than one color and apply them on the hair without dragging the formulation because this consistency is hard to move, thus make sure you have enough product.

This hair dye formulation will stick in the hair and won’t transfer so we don’t need to use separator and will stuck only in place you apply them, making it great for rainbow dying or other fashion which utilize many vibrant color at once. After you are done, we have to wait until the color settle and wash them just like with any other hair dye.

Pravana Vivids and Locked In Benefit
After you wash the hair dye, you can see the result of Pravana Vivids and Locked In. Both of them are capable of delivering a vibrant color that will stay in your hair quite long and won’t lose its bright color even after few wash.

The best benefit of using the Vivids option is we can apply them easily with only hand since the consistency is creamy enough to be spread around even just by hand and without conditioner or developer.

They are also great if you want to make custom color where one color gets mixed into another right when applied in your hand and give that combination-gradation like result after washing. At the other hand, the Locked In variant, just like the name, will sit in where the product is applied and wont transfer to another part so they are great to combine various colors in your hair like those rainbow fashion with pink, green, blue or other color.

Due to the gel like consistency, it is easier to apply Locked in with brush if you don’t want to dilute them with conditioner. But, they will become much creamier and easier to apply when you dilute them.

What we need to keep in mind is the color will lighten when you mix them so make sure to properly measure them to deliver the color you want and this is actually the hardest part of them all since we often miscalculated and end up too bright or too pale.

Now, let’s compare Pravana Vivids with Locked In. As it has been mentioned above, the prominent difference between them is their property or feature because Vivids is creamy and can be transferred to make gradation color in your hair directly while due to the consistency, Locked In just like the name will lock its color in your hair so they are not going to mix with another color after being applied. The latter is suitable for those who want to put various bright colors in their hair.

Pravana Vivids vs Locked In

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All in all, both of them can be a great option for your next hair coloring session. However, it is best to pick the one matching what you are going to do later. If you want to make color gradation such as those that start light and ends up darker, in our opinion it is better to use the Vivids variant while if you want to have bright, colorful hair, the Locked In is the good option since the color stick easily.

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