l’oreal superior preference vs excellence crème

Many people are coloring their hair today mostly for fashion, to help us increase our self-confidence. Since hair dying will use a chemical in the product, it is best to choose the one that can last longer in our hair such as L oreal Superior Preference vs Excellence Crème because then we don’t have to apply them more often. If you are also considering these variants, go check our article below to see which product can be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair color products
– Why choosing L Oreal
– What are L Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème
– How to apply L Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème
– What are the difference between L Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème
– What people say about L Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème
– L Oreal Superior Preference vs Excellence Crème

Hair Color Products
As human have different skin tones, hair and eye color as well as taste and preference, we tend to be curious about what other people with different feature feel like and want to try them ourselves sometime. This curiosity and never good enough feeling is creating a market that offer so many products that can be used to help people alter their appearance, matching their ideal image just like with make ups. There is nothing wrong about wanting to look good but we still have to choose for a good product.

Before applying various skin care or makeup, the most important thing is making sure that they are safe for our body because if not careful, they can be harmful and give a bad result we will regret later. After deciding that a certain product is safe, the next thing is to see their affectivity because while all products are claimed to be the best, they are not in real life and to know exactly how they work, there is no other way than trying them.

This is the same with hair dye or coloring product because though they are mostly safe to be used, due to the chemicals needed to apply the color properly, they will cause some hair health problem if applied too often. This is why besides looking for a product from trusted brands, it is better to also look for a hair dye that can provide a long lasting color, thus we don’t have to re-apply them too often and let our favorite color last in our hair.

Many of us do the coloring treatment at hair salon to get pampered and let the professional do their job. However, not all of us are able to spend money each time we want to change hair color or have the time to sit and relax at a similar establishment which is why at-home color treatment is very popular.

Not only cheap, at home hair dye or coloring treatments are also easy to apply and some products do have a good quality to satisfy their users with brilliant and long lasting color. see also :Keranique vs Rogaine.

Due to the huge amount of options available in the market, it is understandable that we can get confused sometime when looking for the one that match our preference or taste. However, if you want to reduce the option and narrow down the number quickly, we can just as for a professional advice or look from other people’s favorite brands. A popular or well-known brand are usually already have numerous users that already proven the product’s safety and affectivity as well as performance.

About L Oreal
Among those many options in the market, L Oreal is one of the most favorite brand to go for at-home color treatment that we can try and get easily at various stores near our home. If you ever look for recommended hair dye product, chances are you also see this brand in so many people’s recommendation because not only they are available in a wide range of prices, mostly affordable, the quality of hair dye from this brand is proven to be trusted by many of its users.

However, if you think the choosing process is done after deciding the brand, you are not wrong but not completely right either because just like what you may already expect, L Oreal is brand that housing a great options of hair dye products just like their skin care and make up variants. While we can just pick the one took our interest the most, it is still good to make sure the one we are going to pick is featuring the capabilities we ask or wish to have.

About L Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème
If the one you are looking for is a hair dye product that can give its user a long lasting brilliant color to enjoy, the option you may want to check are L’Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème. Both of them are famous among users and have been featured in many recommendation list by various beauty sites due to their capabilities to not only give users a long lasting color but also a healthy look which can’t be obtained by many other similar products.

L’Oreal have been developing a fade-defying formulation since decades ago in 1973 and their quality is still kept even in this product. The technology used is now implemented on Superior Preference which is available in 51 luminous shades for users to choose.

This variant claim is they will be able to deliver super shiny luminous hair color that can last up to 8 weeks after being applied. More importantly, not only work on lighter hair, they also great for darker hair like brown or black.

At the other hand, while still promising offering a long lasting result, just like the name, Excellence Crème is boasting its moisturizing or nourishing effect. The name Excellence itself means the triple protections they used in this variant which consisting of seals, replenishes, and conditions. To deliver the best result, the formulation include 5x more conditioner and giving not only rich and radiant color but also moisturized and healthy looking. This variant seems to be a better option for those with dry hair or those who need a deeper moisture.

Applying L Oreal Superior Preference
Just like with every hair dye product, it is best to follow the instruction in their package because they may need special instruction to be applied just like with L Oreal Superior Preference. Inside the package, we will get 3 items from number 1, 2 and the last is conditioner that are all separated in their own compartment; 2 bottles and a tube. Before applying, put the number 2 into number 1 bottle, replace the cap and shake the mixture well.

The next step is use a gloves and put a towel on your shoulder to keep the product out of the clothes because they are liquid and can get runny. First squeeze the bottle and apply on the root to half part of your hair to make sure they are all covered, including the baby hair if you have. The second part is apply the formula into the second half of your hair to completely cover all of them until the tip.

After all done, twist your hair and meld on top of the head and secure with a pin then wait for about 30 minutes before washing them. The last step is using the conditioner to give more moisture into your hair and the formulation of this last step is very thick with a floral-like scent which is quite pleasant as well.

Applying L Oreal Excellence Creme
For the Excellence Cream variant, there are also several items in the package but now it is added with one more which is a pre-conditioner to protect fragile hair along with number one, two and the last is regular conditioner. All of them are coming in a tube except for the number one that is coming in a bottle. Before coloring your hair, use the pre-conditioner on a dry hair and spread evenly to cover as most of your hair as you can.

The second step is mixing the number one with number two by putting them in number one bottle and mix them well in the bottle. Once they are mixed, use a glove to apply the mixture into the hair. People can use different method here like using hand or using a comb, but the goal is the same which is to apply the formulation evenly into our hair and make sure they are covering them completely, thus we don’t have to end up with patchy hair.

After they are all covered, we can clip our hair if needed to keep them stay on top and prevent them from tangling around while waiting for the color to settle in. After a moment, wash the hair and apply the conditioner included in their package. The result will be a rich and radiant hair color that we also see in its packaging.
L Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème Differences

Now, let’s compare L Oreal Superior Preference with Excellence Crème. As you may already know, the benefit of these variant are very similar to each other but despite being long lasting, unlike Superior Preference with fade-defying technology, Excellence Crème are boasting its moisturizing effect which we can see already in its packaging since this variant is coming with additional conditioner we should apply before applying the color solution. At the other hand, the first option is boasting its long lasting color stay ability with the aforementioned technology.

With this difference, in our opinion, the first option will be better for those with healthy hair with no issue of dry or brittle hair before applying while the second variant will be a good choice for those with delicate hair or people with fine and dry hair strands to help them protect the hair before application. Another prominent difference that we think important is the formulation itself because despite being equally need to be mixed, their consistency are different.

For Superior Preference variant, this hair dye product are more liquid when compared to Excellence Crème and runnier when applied due to its consistency.
Some users are fine with this texture but some may not because the runnier they get, the harder it is to control and it is riskier if get into another objects. Just like the name, Excellence Cream is a creamier than the previous variant, thus it is easier to control and applied because they won’t drip away from your hair as easy.

Additionally, we would also like to mention the option in both variants because while they are coming from the same manufacturer, sometime there are products variants coming with more color options or have the shade matching our taste better. This is also applied on both of these hair dye product from L Oreal because the Superior Preference is available in more color options compared to Excellence Crème though both of them provide blonde, brown, red and black option.

As for the Superior Preference, this variant is available in 51 color or shade options; 18 for blonde, 21 for brown, 8 for red, and 4 options for black. At the other hand, Excellence Cream is only available in 36 shade options; 12 for blonde, 15 for brown, 4 for red and 5 for black shade option.

L’Oreal Superior Preference and Excellence Crème Reviews
Both of Superior Preference and Excellence Crème are proven to be able to deliver a satisfying result to their users. The most common praise we see about these variants is how the color option can look exactly like what we see on the package which is great because we don’t want to end up with different hair color than what we intend to have. The second benefit is how good their hair feel after doing the treatment since both variant deliver a shiny and healthy look without making them look unruly.

The last but not least benefit of best part of these variant is the coverage itself since many people seems to also use them to cover gray hair that often not only appear on older people but also younger or even teenager. In this side, both variant work like wonder to make the users’ hair look evenly colored and mask the dull white hair which can affect our self-confidence sometime.

l’oreal superior preference vs excellence crème

Brandl'oreal superior preference Excellence crème
Key features- Runnier consistency - More color option - More expensive - Only one conditioner - Creamier consistency - Less color option - More affordable - 2 conditioners

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All in all, both of them are a good option to help recolor our hair or to alter it into another color we want to have. Since they are working as good, the decision will up to your taste or preference; if you are fine with more liquid consistency, Excellence Preference is a good option with a good range of shade option. But, if you prefer the one that can be controlled better and the shade you want available, Excellence Cream is the better option.

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