Lime Crime vs Arctic Fox

Hair coloring is fun and all until we get a hair shade that don’t match what the advertisement said whether it is too dark, light or even in completely different dye than what we intended to have. For those who want a vivid color after dying their hair, Lime Crime vs Arctic Fox are two great options to go because each brand proven to work great and true to its example. If you are also eyeing these brands, go check our article below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair dye
– What are Lime Crime and Arctic Fox
– How Many Variants do Lime Crime and Arctic Fox Offer
– How to Apply Lime Crime and Arctic Fox
– What Lime Crime and Arctic Fox can offer to you
– Lime Crime vs Arctic Fox

Dye for Dark Hair
When it comes to hair dye, we can have a lot of opinion and experience from the past that we found pleasant or not and similar like a skin care products, not all popular brands or color out there will suit us the same for we may have different hair type and natural shade. Hair dye is a very fun thing to do to let us break from the usual, natural color, into a brighter and more vivid shade we currently craving for.

However, due to the huge option and type of hair dye offered by different manufacturers in the market, we as user often find it hard to select and use the best of them to create dersired result. Some people are finding one brand give them the correct color and real level of result while some are unlucky and ends up dying their hair with different shade of color that doesn’t match either their natural skin color and taste so there is no other way than bleaching them again.

With the recent bold, bright and pastel colorful hair dyes, manufacturers seem to also offer different formulation that can sit perfectly into your hair to give them that blue, teal, green, and red or purple with a simple application we can do alone at home. Like with many other hair dye, the common problem with coloring is whether they can sit on an unbleached hair or not because there are many of us who just doesn’t want to bleach with fear of permanent damage.

Technically, we shouldn’t hope much to put bright color on an unbleached hair, moreover, if you have a naturally dark shade because without bleaching, the color won’t be able to properly penetrate the hair and giving you the same on package result. However, for those who just want to look for a slight tint, those colorful hair dye may be very helpful and give just what you want depend on the product and how dark your natural hair is.

About Lime Crime
Due to the high enthusiast from the market, we can find several brands offering colorful dyes from those old companies to the recently build brands and one of them is Lime Crime. Female sure already familiar with this brand due to how popular their cosmetic line is and this time, their hair dye is also loved by the user not without a reason. Their hair dyes are very vivid and able to sit in your hair very well, giving them a nice full recoloring or tint.

On product option, Lime Crime is offering few selected dyes that compiled from Unicorn Hair Full Color and Unicorn Hair Tint as well as mixers to adjust or toned down the dye. For those who want to try without committing may also purchase their sachet which is far cheaper so we don’t need to regret buying undesired color in full package. There are bright blue, green, yellow, red, purple, brown and many pastel colors like pink or soft purple to choose.

Applying Lime Crime
Lime Crime is a one-step hair dye or doesn’t need developer anymore to perform unlike those common similar products that require you to mix two to three products on a bigger compartment. It comes in a pretty big jar contains 200 ml of products so those with medium length and thicker hair can use just one package while those with longer mermaid hair may want to purchase two jars to make sure it can cover all of your hair properly and avoid uneven spread. Read also: Lime Crime vs Manic Panic here.

First, prepare an empty bowl, towel, hand gloves and an applying brush or any comb you prefer then put some in the bowl so we don’t have to dig into the jar. We can actually mix the dye with conditioner alike solution to tone down the vividness, making the final looks calmer if preferred. Make sure to comb your hair for easier application and even spread then start putting the dye starting from the roots or any desired place, following what kind of style wanted.

Lime Crime hair dye is very bright so towel and gloves are necessary to avoid tinting your skin and clothes. Besides bolder color like red, we can’t really see the color when applied in darker hair like dark brown and black which is expectable. Spread the dye properly on the area you wished to dye and put a generous amount for a good result. After all done, wait from 30 minutes to 2 hours to get a more vivid color and then wash them in with cool or lukewarm water.

Lime Crime Benefit
What we love from this hair dye is the vegan friendly formulation and has no harsh chemicals to keep hair damage at bay. Depend on your hair, bleached or light hair will show an amazing color or tint but for unbleached dark/black hair, there will be only tints leaved for we don’t use chemicals to strip the natural color. Rather than a tint, it kind of give a slight highlight that shown when you are under a bright light or a sun.

About Arctic Fox
Since there are so many other options out there, it is wise to look around first before committing on a product to make sure we are already choosing the best products with more promising result and as for vivid hair dye, beside Lime Crime, we can also pick Arctic Fox. This brand is fairly new but already popular due to the performance in giving vivid colors in our hair. They also offer several fashion items to complete your look like hoodie, cap and enamel pin.

Arctic Fox Variants
On the product option, Arctic Fox kept their collection simple with only one product line consisting of various bold colors. As opposed to come in a jar like many similar dyes, they use a very simple bottle package which is looking like a shampoo with a logo, making the whole design, calm yet interesting. There are bright red, bright orange, dark purple, pastel mint, dark grey and even the rocking silver shade.

Applying Arctic Fox
When you open the bottle, the first thing comes up is the scent because the dye smells pretty good and sweet, similar like candy so we can actually enjoy the dying process. The formulation is quite thick and creamy with a paste consistency so it can be easier to be applied, controlled and prevent any drip. Make sure pour the dye into another clean bowl for easy application and prepare both hand gloves as well as brush and comb to spread the dye evenly especially on roots area.

We don’t need developer or conditioner to mix Arctic Fox with so we can instantly apply the dye on your hair. Make sure to evenly spread and use a generous amount to avoid any patches and continue until all area are covered up; we can use more than one color to make an ombre or apply as you preferred to create a certain result. One of the best thing from its formulation is we can leave it as long as we want for example 2 to 5 hours.

Arctic Fox Benefit
After washing the dye, we can start see how the color sit and of course no matter how good a dye is, unbleached hair is not going to be showing the real color as opposed to a lightened or pre-lightened hair that can vividly show the real shade. However, what we love from this dye is it can give a nice tint into dark hair especially blue and dark red which often the friend of us with natural black/dark brown hair.

Another thing we love from Arctic Fox is the smell and finish because unlike many other dyes that make your hair dry and a bit rough after washing. It feels smoother just like after doing a smoothing treatment and shinier compared to before application while the previous smell in the product does last for about a day or two in your hair if not washed with a shampoo.

Now, let’s compare Lime Crime with Arctic Fox. As you may already know, the difference between them are not very prominent in term of giving you that vivid color as long as you bleached or have a naturally light hair before. But, for natural black or dark brown hair owner, the shade can only give a slight tint depend on each shade itself with blue being one of the best performer.

In addition, compared to Lime Crime while it does have a nice smell on jar, Arctic Fox does leave the scent on our hair and since they are very pleasant in our opinion, we don’t have a complaint at all with some enhanced textured on our hair, better than when using Lime Crime.

Lime Crime vs Arctic Fox

BrandLime CrimeArctic Fox
Key features- PURPLE HAZE HAIR DYE COLOR: This Manic Panic purple hair dye color is perfect for the rockstar seeking vibrant purple hair This semi-permanent hair dye transforms your locks brighter than dark purple and black hues, yet deeper than pastel hair color - MIXABLE COLORS & TONES: Customize dark, light, long or short hair with this ready-to-use, no-mix Manic Panic hair dye. Create a softer pastel color of your chosen shade by adding Manic Panic Pastel-izer.- One 4oz Bottle of Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Violet Dream by Arctic Fox - If you’re looking to add more color to your life and style, use Arctic Fox’s Semi-Permanent Hair Dye.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make for we may have different taste and favorite brand but if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Arctic Fox because it will give you a nice smelling, smooth hair and an acceptable tint even when you have a dark hair especially for the blue shade.

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