Keracolor vs Ultracolor

Having a colored hair is fun since we can try another look and experiment with various color or pattern that match our mood and personality the most. But, since not all hair dyes are going to perform the same, it is good to pick a good brands to give the better result like with Keracolor vs Ultracolor. They are equally popular and are proven by many users to give a nice result, so check our article below first to see which the best option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing at Home Hair Dye
– What are Keracolor and Ultracolor
– How Many Variants do Keracolor and Ultracolor Have
– How to Apply Keracolor and Ultracolor
– What Keracolor and Ultracolor can offer to you
– Keracolor vs Ultracolor

Home Hair Dye
Hair is one of the part we often proud of among our other body parts and just like our skin, they are important to protect the layer beneath it and in this part scalp. While there are many people go without hair, most of us are dreaming of having a volumized, healthy hair that will make anyone we walk passed by, follow our head with their eyes. Men and women prefer to have hair and this can also affect our confidence in real life depend on each concern.

Besides hair treatments to enhance their look, appearance or health, we often use some products to handle some hair problems that we may have or experienced before so we can prevent further damage. For those who are lucky enough to never experience such problem and can have a beautiful hair with less effort, we can do many things to them in order to try making them look even more appealing at least based on our taste just like what we do with clothes or fashion.

Hair dying initially done for cosmetic purpose which is covering gray or white hair that mostly happen in older people but as time goes by, hair dying is not only done by older people or to cover unwanted hair that may affect our confidence but also as a fashion. There are times when people want to bleach their hair light enough that it may not match their skin tone anymore and then there is a trend when people want to put unnatural color like purple in their hair.

They already happen and we already see people following this fashion trend and today, it seems like people can create their own color and combine them with many other options to express themselves.

Not only on young people, hair dying is also done for fashion in older people from both gender while women will be the one with the highest possibility. This is probably because women do tend to pay attention to their appearance compared to men which making us more aware of changes in aesthetical condition.

Today, we can color our hair almost anytime since there are already many options out there from different brands and product variants or types that offered an at home solution we can do ourselves. This is seen as a simpler and more affordable option than going to a hair salon and ask a professional to do your hair since the price to get a hair dye at home is far cheaper than for example ask an artist to apply/create the color you want.

Another benefit of using at home color treatment is we already have a huge collection available in the market that may offer the color or shade we want unlike in the past where only popular colors are introduced in the consumer market. For example, not only natural color like brown or black and blonde, there are various brands that offer bright colors like blue, green and even pink for those who want their hair look bold and different without paying much money.

However, using at home color treatment is also not without a drawback since we never know the result before actually applying the product in our hair and this is currently our big problem. We are sure many of us also have the experienced of recoloring their hair right after because the color shown are not the same like we want or printed on the cover or even ruin their hair that require a professional help to fix. Read also: Pravana Vivids vs Locked In here.

This is also why it is important to look for a good product to begin with to avoid this kind of problem and with the huge option available, it is not surprising to feel confused when in the middle of selecting process. Our recommendation is to look for what other people have to say about them since a good product should also give a good experience for their user and picking those popular hair dyes can be a great option to narrow down the products quickly.

About Keracolor
Among those many options available in the market, if you are planning on getting a new look by putting a vibrant, bright color into your hair, the type those many people have posts on social media like purple, pink or blue, then you may want to check what Keracolor has to offer. This is one of the most popular hair dye product today with so many positive reviews from the user and are also different from other similar dyes due to how unique they work in our hair.

Keracolor Variants
Keracolor is the brand used to sell few hair dying products and the one we are going to talk in this article is the Color + Clenditioner version which comes in a bottle with pump package. However, they also offer another type of hair dye with the same formulation but this version is coming in a smaller package for those who need to carry their product while traveling for example of just need a smaller one to try first before committing to the full version.

For those who want to take care of their color or already liking the current stage they are in, Keracolor also offer another product to keep the color last longer called Clenditioner but, this one is not used for the rest days since we still have to use the first product with this one in the middle or to put it simply, alternate the products. On the color option, rather than natural this one is offering bright and trendy color like pink, silver, purple, blue, teal, etc.

Applying Keracolor
If you ever have an experience on putting hair dye in your hair, Keracolor is very different than those hair dyes since this one use a gentler coloring and have to be applied several times until reaching its initial color or the color printed on the bottle which mean, they are not an instant coloring like what we used to apply or like many other hair coloring and will take probably a few weeks depend on how often you wash the hair or used the product.

To use Keracolor, we can start with a clean hair, dry or wet is fine but many people apply them dry and leave it for a longer time for about 10 minutes as opposed to the recommendation 5 minutes to achieve a more vivid color. First, put an amount on your hair and apply them thoroughly since the product texture is quite thick, we may need an extra help spreading them evenly; we can use only hand or with a comb, as you prefer.

But, even when you don’t use a gloves, the product won’t leave a stain in your hand so you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes or floor like when dying with other products. After leaving them for a moment, we can wash them with a regular water and see the result.

What we need to keep in mind is this is product is more like a conditioner and not a replacement of your shampoo since they can’t cleanse your hair and scalp especially.

Keracolor Benefit
The best benefit of using Keracolor is we can achieve the color we want slowly by building up the shade from the lightest to later the brightest and what we love the most from this product is they are working like a conditioner, thus we don’t really need to pay attention on the application and just put them in our hair after shampooing and leave them as long as you wash or for several minutes.

The color is not achieved instantly so people who want a fast result may want to look somewhere else for this product will require more than two applications depend on the level of color you want. Additionally, just like with any hair dye, make sure you are already having a light or bleached hair if you want to go for a bright color like red or pink since darker hair will resist coloring the most, moreover, if you never colored them before.

About Ultracolor
Since we have many other options out there, it is wise to look around first before deciding on something because we may find a better product or the one that can provide us with more benefit or available at the price point you are willing to spend. If you are looking for a way to color your hair but want to get the result quickly right after coloring then, you may want to check one of the most popular hair dye, Nutrisse Ultracolor from Garnier.

This hair dye have so many positive reviews from the users who are already experiencing how the product perform.

Their quality is also ensured by becoming the number one Nourishing Color Crème based on Nielsen xAOC 2017 Unit Sales which shown how this product is loved by customers.

Nutrisse Ultracolor from Garnier is not only promising an amazing color result but also an ability to protect your hair by using a moisturizing formulation to make sure the stay soft even after we color or dye them.

Ultracolor Variants
On the color options, Nutrisse Ultracolor is also not lacking at all since this hair dye offers various color shades to cover all skin color you have starting from those grey with some bluish tone until a natural brown and black hair in case you want to go natural. It also offer funky color like blue denim which is lighter than your average blue and an indigo that will look great in almost every skin shades.

Applying Ultracolor
If you already have an experience about doing your hair at home in the past, biggest chance are you will instantly understand how to use Nutrisse Ultracolor from Garnier since this one is used and applied the same way. First prepare the hair and mix the colorant tube into the developer bottle then mix them well by shaking the bottle. Applied an amount into your hair like using regular hair dye and work slowly from the roots to tips.

After all of your hair is covered properly, wait the color to transfer into your hair for 20 to 30 minutes or more if needed then wash them properly until the water clear and apply the included conditioner to make it smooth again since our hair tend to be brittle and dry after dying so it is always better to condition after you wash them.

Ultracolor Benefit
After washing we can see the result and Nutrisse Ultracolor is showing its amazing result in the hair, the color is pretty and hair also feels smoother after blow dried.

What we love the most here is the color does applied properly into each hair strands and its semi-cream formulation that is easier to handle; they are not very liquid and not too creamy either, just the right viscosity.

Additionally, they also quick to give the result which can be tricky since some people may end up with darker shade than what they want to achieve initially. More importantly, we still need to bleach first if you are going with lighter shade like platinum or blonde while your natural hair is black, brown or darker.

Now, let’s compare Keracolor with Ultracolor from Garnier. As you may already know, both of them are working good and able to deliver a nice shade into our hair. Their difference is on the application and color option as well as how long we have to wait to see the result because Keracolor is not an instant coloring solution but something that apply color into our hair little by little while used like a conditioner.

At the other hand Ultracolor by Garnier is used just like many other hair dye with special application and can give an instant result under 30 minutes. On the color option, while Ultracolor have some funky shade, its collection is not as bright at Keracolor and more into natural dyes.

Keracolor vs Ultracolor

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different preference and taste as well as goal when coloring hair. If you want to keep the color in your hair or want to apply them little by little to control the final result, it is good to pick Keracolor but, if you are here for an instant dye, we will recommend you to pick Ultracolor from Garnier.

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