Joico vs Redken

At home hair dye is very popular because we can save a lot more than going to professional establishment like salon just to get a quick change. They are also easy to use and fast enough to see the result but not all of them will give you the same result. For those who want a good color deposit, Joico vs Redken are two good brands to choose. If you are also considering these two, go check our article below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair dye
– What are Joico and Redken
– Which Variant we pick from Joico and Redken
– How to apply Joico and Redken
– What Joico and Redken can offer to you
– Joico vs Redken

Choosing Hair Dye
There are people who prefer to go natural and stay with their original hair color but there are people who change their hair every once in a while. We are free to style and have certain look since it is our freedom but, make sure not neglect our hair health because when they are damaged, we are going to spend more effort to fix them later. While hair dye is widely used, there are still people out there who are afraid of using them for various reasons.

The common reason is probably the threat of hair damage because like we all know, dyeing our hair with certain shade or removing the original color will require the product to use chemical and when applied often, it can reduce the health of our hair. For those who don’t want to bleach or need a drastic change, we often didn’t bleach our hair first so the dye can sit on top of our natural hair and giving them a sheer tint.

Doing treatment at a reputable salon is a nice option if you never dye at home or have no experience with hair dye before to minimize any unwanted result but for those who already experiment with a lot of dyes before, using an at home dye is a more money-saving choice. The problem is not all hair dyes created equal because they can work differently in both the method used to apply their formulation as well as the final result.

Choosing a good hair dye is not easy without trial and error but if you need to color that hair quickly and passed reading a huge amount of reviews from other users, it is good to check on what brands used by other people. Today, we can access information easily right on our fingertips so it is never hurt to spare some time to see what the market has to offer. In addition, there are permanent and semi-permanent dye so pick the one you like better.

About Joico
When it comes to hair dye, we do have so many options from the shade we want to try to the brand that seems to work better on our favor. While we can always try and found the one that match our preference the most, it is always good to check how they perform on other people first and the one that has been trusted with the task is Joico. This brand is very popular and used by many people due to their ability to deposit color on our hair nicely.

Joico Variant
Joico is not only a hair dye brand because they are more like a hair care brand marketed for those who want to treat their mane properly yet the focus is for people with dyed hair. They actually have standard hair care such as shampoo or conditioner alike and serum to rejuvenate our hair health level but the one variant we use as an example today is their Intensity hair dye which comes in a tube compartment like another popular brand Pravana.

For those who wonder which is better between them, check our previous article on Pravana vs Joico here. Intensity hair dye is offering bright hair shades for trendy hair that currently spread among young people today. It has both bright and darker shade with an intensity level to please your curiosity. Besides this version, Joico do have several other hair dyes like Lumishine, Vero K-Pak permanent dye, Age Defy and A line of hair lightener.

Applying Joico
Joico especially the Intensity hair dye like in our sample picture above is a semi-permanent which is why we only get the dye inside the package and there is no developer or conditioner included. The difference between semi-permanent like Joico and permanent hair dye is on the lasting power as well as the shade we can apply because unless you already have lightened hair, a lighter color won’t work on a dark hair like black or a very dark brown.

Joico dye texture is very easy to blend because it is not as thick and in our opinion it looks like a mix between cream and gel so in case you need to use two or more shades or with a conditioner for muted color, they will be easier to mix together. Start with a clean, dry hair and put the dye on a clean bowl then began applying starting from any part you want. Don’t forget to use a gloves and prepare an application brush especially if you want to dye the roots as well.

Joico Benefit
After done, we should let the color deposit for at least 30 minutes before washing and after applying some conditioner to moisturize your hair, we can start seeing the result. Joico works amazing for those with lighter hair or lightens their hair before but won’t be fully working if you have dark such as Asian hair. However, it does put some tint into it that more pronounced when under a bright light. Its staying power is also nice for people can make it last up to 3 weeks.

About Redken
Since we get to choose from so many options, it is also good to look around first to see what the other manufacturer has to offer and if you are looking for a good hair dye like Joico, you may want to check Redken as well. This brand is very popular with their hair care line so we are sure many people are already well-known about how good they are. Today, we are checking their hair dye which is also highly reviewed and working amazing.

Redken Variant
They do have several hair dyes in the catalogue but the one we pick today is Redken Chromatic dye which is a permanent dye. This dye is promising a strengthening benefit to your hair that will give an amazing color as well as shinier hair from roots to tips. This formulation use zero ammonia and have no unpleasant odor, suitable for those with sensitive nose. The dye also said to have protein extracts to penetrate deep and leaving it fortified than before.

Applying Redken
Redken is offering both salon treatment and at home products so we can choose to apply them by ourselves or with the help of their professionals. What we need to keep in mind is this variant, Chromatic hair dye needs a developer to work so make sure to also purchase them separately and it is recommended to also use the Chromatic developer that match the dye. There is no clear instruction on how much we must use the developer but lots of people go with equal parts.

The kind of conditioner needed for this specific dye is also often paired with 20 developer for a more powerful color lifting but those who only need a less prominent result, the developer 10 is a nice option as well. After mixing the dye and developer in a bowl, we can start applying the dye on our hair, it is always best to start with small section and spread the product evenly to cover all the hair.

We can start from the root for a full coverage and make sure to apply on a clean, dry, detangle hair for quicker process. After all the hair is covered in Redken dye, we have to wait for about 30 minutes to one hour and then wash the dye like usual or apply some conditioner when needed.

Redken Benefit
Depend on what color we pick and how light our hair previously was, Redken especially Chromatic dye result is amazing because not only it dyes the hair, it adds shine into the final result as well. However, what’s more impressive is how long the dye stay on our hair because even after a month, it still as vibrant as day one. While this can be affected by how often we shampooing, as a permanent dye its lasting power is very good.

Now, let’s compare Joico with Redken. Because the variant we pick form Joico is semi-permanent which is one of their best-selling dye, its lasting power is not going to be as long as our permanent Redken. Joico does deposit the color nicely as long as we have a lighter hair when goes with light dyes while those with darker hair won’t be able to go lighter without lightener first.

Joico vs Redken

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference and hair destination. If we are to choose, we do prefer Joico because we want a shorter color to allow us change it more often while those who want a longer result should pick a permanent dye like the Chromatic hair dye from Redken.

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