John Frieda vs Pantene

Dealing with problematic hair can be frustrating and time consuming but it is necessary when we want to look good. However, if your hair is hard to deal with, try using anti-frizz solution from John Frieda vs Pantene because they may be very helpful to help taming your hair and making it more manageable. If you are also considering these brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and pick which the better option is among both.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why your hair is being frizzy
– What are John Frieda and Pantene
– How many variants offered by John Frieda and Pantene
– What John Frieda and Pantene are made of
– What John Frieda and Pantene can offer to you
– What they say about John Frieda and Pantene
– John Frieda vs Pantene

Frizzy Hair
Even though we never wished to have a problematic hair, it is true that everyday we are battling with few hair problem that not only time consuming but also frustrating because some of them are hard to deal with. There is no magic solution for all but we can do some effort to make sure the damage can be minimalized and if we are picking the correct treatment or lucky enough, our hair can transform and be better but of course, we can’t rely on hope alone.

One of the most common hair issue is frizzy hair because it seems that we can find someone with frizzy hair all the time including ourselves. While it is not an everyday problem, they can be very annoying and worsen your spirit for the day, moreover, if we can’t find the solution to tame them. Frizzy hair often seen on summer or when the weather is warm to hot but it can be affected by our routine as well.

It is important to understand the reason why your hair is looking like lion mane because it can be helpful when it’s time to find the correct solution. Frizzy hair is caused when your hair is dry or lack of moisture because when in such condition, the cuticle is rough so when the weather is humid, the outer layer of the hair takes in the moisture from its surrounding air which is why the outer surface is frizzy and swell.

The habit that you may want to avoid to prevent frizzy hair are long shower because it strip your natural moisture; not brushing before shampooing because tangled hair won’t distribute the product evenly; shampooing too much because it will intervene with your hair’s natural pH level and causing them to dry; using bad hair dryer because an upgraded or ionic one is needed to smooth and flattens the hair but make sure to keep it low in temperature; and lack of conditioning because our hair need a proper moisture to stay soft.

About John Frieda
In addition to those habit, it is also good to add some moisturizing support in your daily routine to increase the benefit. There are shampoo and conditioner to moisturized hair and hair serum to replenish the moisture in your hair in between your activity. Since several years ago, hair serum is gaining much popularity because of how convenient they are and can be a quite effective solution for those who often have frizzy hair and one of the most popular hair serum is those from John Frieda.

This brand is mainly mentioned when people are asking about colored hair treatment and dye because they are offering many dyed hair related products such as hair colorant. If you are interested in non-drip formula from the brand, check it on our Garnier Olia vs John Frieda Foam. Currently, they are offering a full line dedicated for those with frizzy hair and it is called as Frizz Ease which contains so many items or treatment to make sure you can always tame your mane.

John Frieda Product Variant
What you can use to control frizzy hair from this brand are shampoo to tame your hair or those made to straighten your hair, the conditioner and styling products such as gel, hairspray and styling crème. If you are preferring to moist hair with oil solution, John Frieda also have the elixir to nourish your hair. As for hair serum, they offer both Original and Extra Strength serum that promise a tamed unruly hair and add shines to them to improve your hair look and health.

John Frieda Ingredient and Benefit
To understand how this hair serum works, it is important to at least check the ingredient list first to see if there is certain ingredient that we want to avoid. John Frieda Frizz Ease serum is made with Cyclopentasiloxane which is silicon and have a slight volatile. This ingredients is the one who made the whole serum feels easy to spread and smooth when touch as well as provide a protective barrier, the same like its next ingredient Dimethicone and Ethylhexyl but the latter is derived from palm oil.

The next one is Methoxycinnamate and this one is acting like your sunscreen or used to protect hair from sun ray that may cause some damage to hair. The last two are mineral oil and hydrolyzed silk which in combination will help nourish and seal moisture in your hair. Silk is known as one of the strongest fibers on the planet and it is the protein we seek here.

As you may already know, hair is made from keratin or a type of protein and by adding more protein, we hope to see an increased in strength and structure while the mineral oil is sealing the moisture to prevent dryness just like when you apply some in your skin. To complete your experience, John Frieda also use some fragrance on their formulation but it smells very nice in our opinion.

John Frieda Review
On the review side, this hair serum is taking many compliments from the user because most of them are having a nice experience with their hair. The serum does work well and those with frizzy hair can easy detangled them after applying and letting it dry for a moment. Those who are used to have frizzy hair when the air is humid is also saying their hair is being much more manageable and soft to touch. In fact, not only female but male users are also pleased with John Frieda serum.

About Pantene
Due to frizzy hair being one of the most annoying hair problem, not only John Frieda have the special product to handle your wild mane since we have many more options out there and one of them is the popular Pantene. We are sure most people are already familiar with this big name from P&G because they have been used widely. For those with hard to deal hair, they also have the special line called the Smooth and Sleek.

However, the serum to fix frizzy hair is not coming from the same line but will handle the job very well and it is called Pantene Frizz Fixing serum. This hair serum is promising a lightweight support to fight the humidity in your place and help tame your hair as well as making it shinier without being greasy.

Pantene Product Variant
If you want a fuller coverage and solution, you may want to also try their full length of frizzy hair treatment from the Smooth and Sleek like which offer shampoo, light shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, oil, soufflé and ampoule. This line doesn’t have the serum product but it has argan oil and ampule that may act the same like a serum but in consistency, they will be very different whether it is thicker or creamier like the soufflé moisturizing solution.

Pantene Ingredient and Benefit
Similar like the serum from John Frieda, Pantene also use silicon in their ingredient list to make this product but with different name called Cyclopentasiloxane, used to soften and moisten a formulation just like the next Dimethiconol. The next is C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate and it is used to improve the texture of a product or to give it a lightly conditioning and silky finish. Ethylhexyl Salicylate is also used here and we often see it on sunscreen because it is an organic compound used to absorb UVB from sun rays.

The next Ppg-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate is an emollient which mean it is here to improve the consistency and feeling, making the solution easier to spread. To provide moisture and improve the hair condition, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether is used here and it is actually a source of the popular B5 vitamin. The last is Histidine and the reason why it is here because this one is an amino acid or building blocks of protein in bodies including keratin on our hair, to make it stronger and healthier.

Pantene Review
People who use the hair serum from Pantene is also finding the solution to be very helpful for their hair because after application, hair will feels smoother and easier to style or tamer and nicely reduced in frizziness. The hair serum is also not greasy at all so we can apply them several times throughout the day when needed and is a nice helpful item to be carried in your bag. In addition, this serum also add a slight shine to hair to make it looks healthier.

Now, let’s compare John Frieda with Pantene. As you may already know, the difference between them is on the ingredients because there are utilizing different formulation such as mineral oil and silk protein in JF or Panthenyl Ethyl and Histidine is Pantene. While both have their beneficial source, in benefit, it seems that John Frieda hair serum is able to perform better in term of dealing with frizzy hair.

John Frieda vs Pantene

BrandJohn FriedaLoreal Blonde Shampoo
Key features- Delivers long lasting hold - Holds your style without weighing hair down - Won't leave hair stiff- Pantene Smooth and Sleek Frizz Fixing Serum gives brilliant shine - Lightweight serum instantly helps tame frizz - Humidity resistant for smooth, shiny hair

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preferred ingredients. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick John Frieda hair serum because this serum will work better in your hair.

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