John Frieda vs Loreal Blonde Shampoo

No one wants to do the same activity over and over again if we can get by just doing them occasionally including recoloring your hair. Bleaching hair may not a tiring task but they do take some time and the chemical may hurt our hair. For those who hates bleach, John Frieda vs Loreal Blonde Shampoo are here to lighten your shade. Both of them are daily treatment to your blonde and if you wonder which to pick, check our article below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose Hair Shade/Color
– What is Hair Lightening Shampoo
– What are John Frieda and Loreal Blonde Shampoo
– What Variants Available from John Frieda and Loreal Blonde Shampoo
– How to Apply John Frieda and Loreal Blonde Shampoo
– What John Frieda and Loreal Blonde Shampoo can offer to you
– John Frieda vs Loreal Blonde Shampoo

Choosing Hair Color/Shade
Hair is the crown for so many of us and an important part which we have to take care to have a certain look matching your preference. One thing we often do to make our hair look more appealing or beautiful is by coloring or styling them so it can alter the natural color to be different whether you want to make it bolder or going very different with trendy, bright, unnatural shades like pink, purple or blue that in recent years going around the fashion spotlight.

Just like when mix and matching your outfit, hair color is not a very easy thing to decide since we have to make sure the color does match our skin tone, personal style or another important part like eye color and natural hair color. While we can always go wild and apply whatever color you wish, if it is the kind of look you really want. But, trying to pick the most beautiful shade in your skin color may work great as well.

Similar with how you pick your foundation shade, hair dye can be decided by your skin undertones and natural hair color. First, if you are born with black, brown hair or dark colored, chances are you will have an earthy undertones such as orange, brown, gold or orange-based red. Second, if you are born with blond hair, as opposed you probably have a cooler skin undertones like blue, green, pink or even blue-based red.

The easiest way to decide is if you have those warmer undertones on skin, it will look great when you pair it with warmer hair color as well such as golden blondes or honey brown while if you are born with cooler undertones, cooler colors like ash blonde will fit you nicely but, you may also match with black and auburn brown. For those who want to choose based on eye color, people with deep brown, gray blue, dark blue or hazel seem nice with cool tones.

At the other hand, if you are having golden brown, green, turquoise or hazel eyes, your face will look the best with warm shades as well and this type of color will mostly produce the natural look as well.

Hair Lightening Shampoo
If you are here, chances are you already have a blond hair either if it is your natural or colored hair. Beside hair dye, another product that can affect your hair color is hair lightening shampoo which is used by people with blonde hair who want to gradually lighten their hair in case they want to enhance the hair color; making it lighter than the previous color but not instantly so you can manage how light or until which stage you want it to be.

However, for those who want to lighten their hair color fast because they want to quickly apply another shade, the most effective and less time-consuming way to achieve a lighter hair is by bleaching it. At the other hand, hair lightening shampoo will subtly lightens your hair and the way they work is by neutralizing the color pigments as well as the brassy yellow tones.

Not only need a hair lightening shampoo, we may also use the complete treatment including conditioner or mask and lightening spray for maximum result depend on the type of lightening product or brand and type you pick.

About John Frieda
While hair lightening shampoos are not always available in drug store near your place, they are widely available through online shopping platforms like Amazon so you can get your hand on them quite easily. One of the most popular hair lightening shampoo is John Frieda which is specializing in hair coloring related product and they are also trusted by always offering good quality products including the hair coloring treatment. If you are interested in in non-dripping formula, go check our article on: Garnier Olia vs John Frieda Foam here.

The promise of Go Blonder hair lightening shampoo from John Frieda is to tone down your hair shade until two levels lighter but it is if you are using the whole set so for only shampooing, we expect some longer process or even less affectivity. Not only lighter, this set will give a bright, illuminated, sun-kissed color and shine as well as softness thanks to the formulation they used especially on the conditioner and hair mask.

John Frieda Variant
The one used to lighten your blonde hair is Go Blonder lightening shampoo but this is only one of the whole set because you will need another 3 products to complete all the step. Shampoo goes first and continued with Go Blonder conditioner and hair mask to make sure you can achieve that sun-kissed color and shine properly. The last step is putting a lightening spray into your hair and this product is good in case you need to highlight some parts.

John Frieda Application
Since this shampoo from John Frieda is like a regular one we used to have to cleanse our hair, there is no special application instruction here and what you need to do is only put an amount in your hand after wetting your hair then apply them like usual. Lather the shampoo as needed and use them to cleanse your hair by working from scalp to the tips while massaging them as well and then rinse them clean. The final step is applying conditioner or hair mask as you preferred.

John Frieda Benefit
On the result, this shampoo does lighten your hair shade after several use but users seem to notice the difference after at least 3 times shampooing then see their hair goes a little bit lighter so the old highlight becomes more apparent. When used for a long time or if you can empty one bottle, there will be a huge difference which shows the product does the job very well. Another thing we love from John Frieda lightening shampoo is they smells like tangerine which is nice and fresh.

About Loreal Blonde Shampoo
Because you will never know when to see a great product, it is better to compare them to one another before making up your mind and this is also safer to avoid picking a not suitable product. If you are liking how John Frieda shampoo works, then you will also love Loreal Blonde Shampoo as well because not only it is slightly more cost saving, the shampoo also proven to be quite effective to lighten your blonde hair especially for those with gray and platinum blonde hair.

Loreal Blonde Shampoo Variant
Loreal actually have a name to call their line of dyed hair related treatment shampoo and it is called EverPure which is currently consisting of moisturizing shampoo, volume up shampoo, lightening shampoo, hair repair shampoo and anti-frizz shampoo that are all made for color treated hair. As for the blonde of EverPure product, it also has the conditioner and additional mask treatment to make sure you get a maximum result which you can use at least once a week.

Loreal Blonde Shampoo Application
Loreal Blond Shampoo is made to be used as your daily shampooing treatment so it is safe to replace your regular shampoo and what’s nice is it already sulfate free. To use the shampoo, wet you hair and put some shampoo in your hand then apply to your hair while massaging them to lather your shampoo. It is quite easy to lather and thick as well so they feels nice. Rinse your shampoo and followed with the conditioner or Shade Reviving treatment once a week for better result.

Loreal Blonde Shampoo Benefit
On the result, this shampoo and the line work very well to both give people their lighter hair back and moisturized them as long as you also use the conditioner after shampooing because for extra curly hair, it can be drying. The shampoo consistency is creamy and in lavender color with a very pleasant smell of some kind of flower. After several application, you can start noticing that brassy hair is gone and comes back with a lighter, beautiful shade.

Now, let’s compare John Frieda with Loreal Blonde Shampoo. As you may already know, both of them are working well for many people and proven to lighten your hair shade depend on how dark your current blond is. John Frieda is not made with ammonia or peroxide so it is safer than bleaching while Loreal is not using sulfate so it won’t strip your hair dye but only making it lighter.

John Frieda vs Loreal Blonde Shampoo

BrandJohn FriedaLoreal Blonde Shampoo
Key features- Mild cleanser that gradually lightens for a visibly lighter, brighter, more sunlit shade of blonde in as few as 3 uses - Formulated with bergamot extract and chamomile to gently lighten without drying out hair - Safe for natural, colour-treated, or highlighted blondes only- Neutralizes Brassiness - Sulfate Free - Anti-Fade

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make since we may have different need or preference when it comes to how we want to lighten our hair. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Loreal especially if you want to keep your dye while want to make the highlighter more pronounce.

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