Herbatint vs Tints of Nature

Sometime we are bored of our natural hair color and want to try a new shade to refresh our look. There are a huge options out there that provide the kind of shade you want whether natural or trendy colors. However, for those who prefer to use a more natural formulation to avoid harsh, damaging, and drying effect, Herbatint vs Tints of Nature are two nice brands to pick. They are promising a natural ingredients for you but may also different so check our article first before deciding.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a natural hair dye
– What are Herbatint and Tints of Nature
– What come with Herbatint and Tints of Nature
– How to apply Herbatint and Tints of Nature
– What Herbatint and Tints of Nature can offer to you
– Herbatint vs Tints of Nature

Natural Hair Dye
Hair dyeing has been very popular since long time ago to either change our appearance and giving it a fresh kick or just to mask those greying strands to make sure they look uniform. In the last decade the trend of permanent hair dye seems to be replaced with the semi-permanent type because they appear to be safer and what we love the most is they don’t stay as long as the traditional counterpart to allow the user change them as fast as in a week after initial application.

However, now the trend is shifting to natural products probably because of our rising awareness of the need to consider not only the things we consume but also what we put in our body since they can still affect our health, moreover, with the increasing health issues. In hair care market, natural or botanically derived products seems to take the spotlight and very popular among users which then no surprising when seeing manufacturer invest so much money on developing and marketing their product.

Natural products is hyped so much because they are portrayed to be safer options than what we used in the past or those with chemicals in their ingredient list. One of the most popular natural hair product is hair dye because in the past, their formulation are often very damaging to hair due to the chemicals made to put the color to stay in. Those chemicals are mostly ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, and PPD as well as gluten which are the actives, preservatives, and contaminates.

Natural hair dyes may not using those ingredients on their formulation and this mean they are less harmful for hair health. There is no 100% organic or natural hair dye because at some point we still need chemical to make sure they are properly working but at least we are getting a less side effect. However, there is also one thing we have to keep in mind which is the performance because without the chemical, we can’t expect to see a prominent result or staying power.

About Herbatint
Due to their popularity, it must not be very hard to look for a natural hair dye in the market and if you are not fond of hunting on stores, we can also rely on online shopping platforms like Amazon to get our hand on whatever we prefer. Among those many options, one of the most well-known natural hair dye is Herbatint which can be your pick for a safer, vegan and cruelty free brand. Just like the name, they are focusing on all benefits without the harmful sides.

While this brand is offering a safer options without the harsh chemical, it is good to know that they are also permanent so we can enjoy the coverage longer for people who are using natural products mostly prefer a natural shade as well and not to look bold with colorful, rainbow hair. Herbatint is promising a long lasting result made from 8 organic herbal extract that also provide 100% grey hair coverage with intense results and even rich in highlights.

What we love from this natural hair dye is the gentle formulation without ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, alcohol and fragrance for people who tend to have a more sensitive skin. Its developer is gentler with a low hydrogen peroxide concentration level or less than 3% after mixing the whole products. It is also dermatology tested on skin and suitable for vegan without containing gluten.

Herbatint Package
Similar like any permanent hair dye out there, Herbatint is coming with all the products we need inside. There is a small bottle of hair colorant, a small bottle of the developer, and a one pair of hand glove for application. Since they are coming in a similar bottle which is too small for a mixing process, we have to use another bowl to mix both of the developer and colorant. In consistency, they are just like water and very easy to stir together.

Applying Herbatint
Before applying, put the colorant and developer in the same compartment with the same part. There is marker on the bottle to make sure we pour them at the same exact amount and then use a brush or applicator to mix them together. We recommend to use a hair dye brush which looks like a masker brush to take the dye and then apply them on hair. When mixed together, the dye becomes gel and it prevents them from dripping when applied.

Dip the brush in the dye and slowly apply them starting from the roots for a full coverage and then continue the application until covering all the hair or as needed. Just like any other dye, we still have to wait for about 45 minutes to let the color or shade to sit properly. Read also: Garnier Nutrisse vs L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge here.

Herbatint Result
After the alarm is ringing, we can wash the dye and apply the conditioner that comes with the dye then see the result instantly. What we love from Herbatint is even though the dye is made from natural ingredients and less harmful, the grey covering performance is very nice since it can cover them without fail. However, due to the more natural ingredient, it can’t last as long as the traditional dye and will fade in 2nd or 3rd week.

About Tints of Nature
Just like many other products, it is best to compare it with another options to make sure we already getting the best brand with the most promising result and for a natural hair dye, the other option you may want to check on is Tints of Nature. This brand is focusing on natural-based hair products both for the dye and the hair care system for those who are seeking remedies from nature and use less damaging chemical on their body.

Tints of Nature have two types of hair dye; the permanent one which is what we are going to pick today and the semi-permanent version. The permanent hair dye is claimed to be made with the lowest possible levels of PPD pigments, with 75% certified organic ingredients and 95% naturally derived formulation. It is also suitable for vegans and designed to maintain the natural moisture present in our hair. It promise a non-damaging dye while leaving a long lasting vibrant shade.

Tints of Nature Package
This hair dye comes in a box with the sample shade and name, as an example, we are picking the natural dark brown like on the sample picture above. Inside the box, there is a shampoo which is meant to prepare the hair before dye application, a plastic gloves, a bottle of hair colorant and another bottle of the dye as well as the conditioner. Unlike Herbatint, we can directly pour the colorant on the developer bottle for an easier mixing process.

Tints of Nature Result
To start application, put the hand gloves and pour the colorant into the developer bottle then screw the applicator cap. Shake them well for a moment and use the applicator to put the dye directly on your hair. Tints of Nature consistency is very similar to gel so it sit in place when you squeeze the bottle. We can start from roots and then began to apply for the rest of the hair part with hand and what we love is it doesn’t drip or create a mess.

After all the hair part is covered, now we have to wait for about 30 minutes then wash the formulation from our hair until the water runs clear as well as applying the conditioner and wait for about 3 minutes then wash again.

Tints of Nature Benefit
After all done, we can instantly see the result and what we love the most from Tints of Nature is similar like Herbatint, it covers the grey hair very well and we don’t see any missing or patches with the shade. It doesn’t create any drying effect or dull looking hair while also leaving them almost silky smooth; depend on your hair condition. In addition, it stays quite long for more than 4 weeks and some people can even get two month of the dye sitting on their hair.

Now, let’s compare Herbatint with Tints of Nature. As you may already know, both of them are natural-based hair dye and actually working very well by putting the proper shade into our hair but the difference is on their lasting power because Herbatint somehow fade quickly if compared to Tints of Nature.

Herbatint vs Tints of Nature

BrandHerbatint Tints of Nature
Key features- Specially formulated from herb extracts, herbatint uses rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk to gently deposit color - Achieves a natural, vibrant result for your hair - Permanently colors hair without damage - Results in a natural, subtle color that not only looks great, but feels soft time after time- Natural Dark Brown - Fantastic quality product from a great brand - This delicious dark brown shade boosts brunette hair for soft, silky hair with shimmering, long-lasting colour - Make your hair happy with our unique formula

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference and things to consider. However, if we are to choose, we will pick the Tints of Nature because not only it gives a good color depositing, its lasting power is also dependable, almost similar to traditional hair dye.

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