Herbatint vs Naturcolor

Choosing a more natural products is being a trend in the last several years and it is good to make sure we are getting a safer option and among those we are using today, hair dye is gaining so much attention. For those who need a more natural solution, Herbatint vs Naturcolor are two good brands to choose with a reliable result and good performance. To see which the better option, go check our article below and pick the one with a more promising result.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a natural hair dye
– What are Herbatint and Naturcolor
– What comes with Herbatint and Naturcolor
– How to apply Herbatint and Naturcolor
– What Herbatint and Naturcolor can offer to you
– Herbatint vs Naturcolor

Natural Hair Dye
Our health is probably the most important thing in our life because it decide whether we can enjoy our it or not and with modern lifestyle, it seems that many of us are ditching a healthy way and seek a more convenient life. While it is pleasant for the moment, it may not good for us in a long term especially about the diet we do every day and how we use chemicals in many products we used to apply in our body or hair.

In the last several years, it seems that people have an increasing concern about their health and it is a good sign to make sure manufacturer also create a safer product for their customers. A more natural product is by no means have zero chemical in it but at least it is safer and less harmful than what they have been made in the past. This is why it can be a good choice if you need something that safer for a long term.

Among those many natural product such as cosmetics and body care, hair dye is gaining so much popularity because if in the past they are packed with chemicals and very concerning, now manufacturer begin to offer a more natural or those with less harmful effect. Hair dye is well-known with their damaging side effect due to the harsh chemical they used to lift and apply the colorant which is very drying and may cause breakage if used often without hair repairing care in between.

With a more natural hair dye, those harsh chemicals are reduced in amount to make sure the harm is also lessen. They are not 100% natural because we will still need the chemical to at least help the colorant stay in hair and make the formulation work. What we have to keep in mind is the result and performance because as a natural product, they may not as prominent as the traditional ones and may not stay as long in your hair.

About Herbatint
With the huge demand of natural hair dyes out there, it is becoming easy to find the product in the market and we do have so many options to pick and suit with our need. While the one that is good for other people is not always good for us, it is still a nice idea to start from what they like for the one that please the population have a higher chance to please us as well. Among those brands, Herbatint is one of the best.

This brand is offering hair products both for at home care and for dyeing solution and the one we are picking today is their gel, permanent hair dye. Unlike many traditional hair dye, Herbatint is avoiding ammonia and made with 8 organic herbal extract to give you a certain hair shade depend on the color you pick and still work good for people who are using it to cover grey hair. Instead of drying, the dye is promising a bright and restored in vitality hair which looks more beautiful.

It is offering a unique and gentler than many other traditional hair dyes as well as already tested dermatologically on sensitive skin. The developer is made with a low hydrogen peroxide concentration which is less than 3% after mixing. It is free from gluten and suitable for vegan users with a total options of 36 shades to pick. Read also: Herbatint vs Tints of Color here.

Herbatint Package
Just like many other permanent hair dyes in the market, Herbatint is also packed in a box with the model and hair result of its ideal application. Inside the box, we can see all of the product we need is already featured from the developer, colorant, conditioner and even a pair of hand glove. The gloves is not the best quality but still useful and since these bottles are small, we will need a bowl to mix the colorant and developer together.

Applying Herbatint
If you check the bottle, we can see that there is a marker and it is used to see how much product we have to pour since the ratio of colorant and dye is in the exact same amount. After pouring them in a bowl, use a tool like brush applicator to mix them together and applying the product later. The consistency is liquid from the bottle but when mixed together, they become like a gel and a bit thicker.

Use the brush applicator to start applying from the roots area in the front part and continue until the roots are fully covered. After it is done, use hand to start spreading the dye to the rest of the hair and it is good to start with untangled hair for a quicker application. Let the dye sit for about 45 minutes then wash them until clean then apply the included conditioner to seal the moisture.

Herbatint Result
What we love from Herbatint is despite being a more natural product, the result we see after washing the dye is very good and actually provide a nice shade just like the sample picture and like many other traditional hair dyes. The hair also doesn’t feel striped from moisture much and still have the natural shine but what’s disappointing is it won’t last very long. It is true that lasting power may vary depend in how we treat the dye but this one approximately only stay for 2 weeks.

About Nutracolor
With a huge options, the advantage is we can always have options to pick and to decide which the more promising one. If you are sensitive to chemicals but still want to have a different hair shade, Nutracolor is also one of the best option. This brand is claiming to be the leader or providing herbal-based, permanent hair color gels and other hair care products like shampoo and conditioner in the market with a huge customer base out there.

Their hair products are made with predominantly natural ingredients and as for the hair dye, they are milder for safer side effects for a longer time. Nutracolor currently offer 31 hair shades in total and the one we used as an example above is in the Sagebrush Brown or 6N. Like Herbatint, if these shades are not enough, we can mix them together to get the certain shade as you desired. It doesn’t state any vegan suitability but the dye is ammonia, resorcinol, parabens and cruelty free.

Nutracolor Package
This hair dye is coming in a box with a traditional design and an example shade put on the face. There is a small bottle of hair developer, a bottle of hair colorant, an empty bottle to mix them together, an after color treatment, a hair conditioner and a pack of hand gloves. The developer is liquid like water but the colorant is looking like a gel and we need to tilt the bottle to make sure they are completely drained.

Applying Nutracolor
First, put the developer in the bottle and then combined with the colorant gel. The developer looks clear at first but will turns into brown when you mix them together. This bottle has an application cap so we can use it directly for application. After properly shaking and mixing the dye and developer, we can start squeezing the dye from the bottle on our hair beginning from the roots and spread with hand by rubbing them in circle. Continue until all hair part is covered then wait for about 25 minutes.

Nutracolor Result
After the alarm rang, we can wash the hair with the hair shampoo and conditioner to lock the color in. We can directly see the result and what we love from it is the dye actually deposit the colorant very well. It also doesn’t dry or give a coarse result thanks to the more natural ingredients. It may last for a couple weeks but many people see it begin to fade in the third week.

Now, let’s compare Herbatint with Nutracolor. As you may already know, the difference between them is on the products in the package and the lasting power because while they similarly able to give the proper hair color, Herbatint doesn’t provide the after-color shampoo and it is fading fairly quick compared to Nutracolor.

Herbatint vs Naturcolor

BrandHerbatint Naturcolor
Key features- Specially formulated from herb extracts, herbatint uses rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk to gently deposit color - Achieves a natural, vibrant result for your hair - Permanently colors hair without damage - Results in a natural, subtle color that not only looks great, but feels soft time after time- Hair color with natural Plant Extracts - No Ammonia, Resorcinol or Parabens - Gives natural looking color variation - Mixable colors - create your own custom color

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All in all, the decision is all yours because we may have different taste and preference so it is better to pick based on what you think suit you better. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Nutracolor since it can last longer so we don’t have to do touch up as often. It also have additional shampoo inside to wash the hair and lock the dye after application.

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