Herbatint vs Henna

With the increasing concern about health, there are so many of us who moved to a more natural options including when need to color or dye our hair. Natural hair dyes are also suitable for those with a sensitive skin and a good option for a safer dyeing process. Herbatint vs Henna are two great choices for people who want to dye their hair and if you also wonder which suit you the most, go check our article below to see what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a natural hair dye
– What are Herbatint and Henna
– What are the Promise of Herbatint and Henna
– What comes with Herbatint and Henna
– How to apply Herbatint and Henna
– What Herbatint and Henna can offer to you
– Herbatint vs Henna

Natural Hair Dye
Along with our modern technology, people are seeking a fast way to achieve anything and while it is sure convenient, some of them may harm our body in a long term. Modern lifestyle require us to move quickly, spend less time in preparing and if possible, making anything without needing a long process. Due to some of those habits, many people are experiencing health issues and this is very concerning, for health is probably one of the most if not the most important thing we should care.

However, in the last decade people seem to be more aware about the unhealthy lifestyle they have been doing and try to fix them by starting a new, more natural life such as eating whole foods, walk or bicycling rather than driving as well as eliminating products that have much harmful chemicals in it. We indeed can’t eliminate them completely since even natural, organic things contain chemicals but at least what we can do is reducing the harmful side effect for a long time.

One product that is known to give a harsh side effect is hair dye because as we already know, they are prone to make our hair lose its life and have a high chance to dry our hair as well as leaving it damaged. While modern hair dye kit or at home color treatments are no longer as harsh as they used to be in the past, often application can still threatening your hair longevity. To answer the demand of people who need a more natural, safer solution, manufacturer also begin to offer gentler hair dye.

Natural hair dyes are not 100% harsh chemical free because they are mostly working thanks to those chemical but, the amount is significantly reduce to also lessen the harmful side effect. What we have to keep in mind is due to the lesser amount of chemical in it, the color we can go is only those darker shades than our natural hair color. In addition, even though they are meant to be permanent, the dye won’t last as long as traditional dyes.

About Herbatint
If you need a natural hair dye, it is good to look for what the other people have used today because while they may not always suit our preference, they also have a bigger chance of providing what we need. One of the most popular natural hair dye in the market today is Herbatint and if you done some research before, we are sure you also familiar with the brand since many people seem to love them for how good the dye work.

Herbatint Promise
This brand has been available since decades ago and one of the leading brand in natural hair care including hair dye. They only offer one type of hair dye and it is the permanent gel which is claimed to be ammonia free and made with 8 organic herbal extract with a good performance in covering grey hair. Besides those who look for a more natural solution, it is also suitable for people with sensitive skin and can’t use traditional or semi-permanent dye.

It is already dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and according to Herbatint, the compatibility is excellent. To make sure the dye doesn’t act as harsh on our skin, the developer contains only 3% of the hydrogen peroxide after mixing which is currently below what the European legislation permitted at 6%. It also gluten free and nickel tested as well as friendly with people who practice vegan lifestyle out there.

Herbatint Package
Like many other permanent hair dye kit, Herbatint comes in a paper box with all the things we need inside. It has two bottles which is the hair colorant and developer, a pack or hand gloves and a pouch of conditioner inside but, some newer version also seem to have another pouch of shampoo. There is no mixing bottle here so make sure to use plastic or glass bowl/bottle to mix both of the developer and colorant.

Applying Herbatint
First, start with a dry, detangled hair for an easy application then put the gloves on before mixing. There is a marker on each of these bottles so we will know how much we have poured in since their ratio has to be the same 1:1. The developer is liquid like water but the colorant has a gel-like consistency and when mixed together, they are becoming thicker like gel so we don’t have to worry about drip. Use a brush applicator to mix them together and to apply the dye.

Dip the brush in dye mixture and start from the roots little by little in small section then spread evenly. When the root is done, apply for the rest of the hair area with brush and then evenly spread them with hand. When all done, we can pin the hair so they won’t move around and we need to wait for about 40-45 minute before washing. If your dye has the shampoo, use it to wash the dye and then apply the conditioner.

Herbatint Result
We can instantly see the result after the dye is completely washed and dried. What we love from Herbatint is while the dye is less harsh, it does provide a good color as long as we goes darker and what’s more important is, the hair doesn’t feel dry at all thanks to the gentler formulation. In staying power each person may see different long wear period but in general, it won’t as long lasting as traditional dyes for around 2 weeks. Read also: Herbatint vs Naturcolor here.

About Henna
While Herbatint is indeed a good natural hair dye for people who want to achieve different hair color but without the damaging side effect, they still have some chemicals in it. For people who want to go more natural, we do recommend you to try Henna hair dye because as you may already know, this dye is naturally derived from plant which gives certain shade into skin, nails or hair. It has been used by our ancestors and contains no additional chemicals.

Henna may also called as Mehdi and it is coming from Lawsonia Inermis plant or henna tree. Whole henna leaves won’t stain the skin or any surface and to get the certain color, we have to break the lawsone molecules which is why we have to mashed the leaf or dried and turn them into powder first.

Henna Promise
Henna is available by so many brands and one of the most popular out there is the Henna Guys like in our sample picture above. This brand is offering high quality henna powder to stain your hair and while the original stain of the leaves is reddish, they also offer several other natural color in their collection such as black or brown with the help of additional natural ingredients. It promise a safer, natural colorant without any harsh additional chemical. Many people love it due to how good it can perform.

Henna Package
This Henna brand is coming in a zip sealed pocket package with all the product we need inside. Besides to stain hair, it can be used to dye beard as well for male users and depend on the variant we pick, for those with additional color like brown or black, there are shower cap, gloves and instruction sheet inside while the original version only has the powder. Since it is powder, we will need a bowl to create the henna dye mixed with water.

Applying Henna
To use the Henna powder, scoop an amount of the powder to a clean bowl as desired depend on how long your hair is and then add water until it becomes a thick paste. Make sure your hair is dry and unwashed before application then start taking the mixture with hand or applicator then spread them into hair from roots then slowly working your way down to cover all the hair part.

After all is covered, wait from 30 minutes to few hours to make sure the color sit well and it is recommend let it dry in about 2 hours for better result. The dye may clump and hardens by the time but we can wash them with water easily then continue with shampoo and conditioner for a complete cleansing as well as moisture sealing.

Henna Result
Just like when applying Henna in your skin, the longer we let it sit the darker the color get especially for the natural version. If you pick this variant, the result will be reddish with a little bit light brown depend on your previous hair shade and it also have no drying effect. The performance varies from one user to another but most of them found the dye stay for more than a month while some can even still see their shade after 4 months.

Now, let’s compare Herbatint with Henna. As you may already know, the more natural option between them is Henna because it is derived from Henna tree leaves which is meshed and turn into powder. However, in term of shade collection, Herbatint provide more in total of 36 shades to choose while Henna may only available in several natural colors.

Herbatint vs Henna

Key features- Specially formulated from herb extracts, herbatint uses rosemary, cinchona and walnut husk to gently deposit color - Achieves a natural, vibrant result for your hair - Permanently colors hair without damage - Results in a natural, subtle color that not only looks great, but feels soft time after time- 100% Natural, Raw, Vegan, Pesticides Free - Chemicals & Metallic Salts Free Hair Coloring & Conditioning - High Lawson Content for Guaranteed results. - Triple Cloth Sifted for smoothest & Non Clumsy paste

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference but, if you are looking for a natural hair dye and have the desired shade in their collection, we will recommend you to choose Henna.

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