Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse

As a human being, we never satisfy with what we have now including our natural hair color because we always want to try new and more appealing color. For those who don’t want to spend much on salon treatment, we can color our hair at home as well with Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse. Both of them are loved by many people due to the quality and result but if you want to know which suit you better, go check them in our article below to see more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a hair dye
– What are Garnier Olia and Nutrisse
– How many color options in Garnier Olia and Nutrisse
– What Garnier Olia and Nutrisse can offer to you
– How to apply Garnier Olia and Nutrisse
– Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse

Hair Dye
All people want to look good or appealing and in this term, fashionable or trendy following the current influencer and famous people. With the wide use of social media, unlike in the past, trend and fashion seems to be going around the world faster and yesterday we see our favorite artist have a type of clothes, today the item is everywhere due to the huge enthusiast from other people. Wanting to look good is not a bad thing because we are free to express ourselves.

This is of course including how we dress, style or color our hair because for many of us, hair is like the crown sitting in our head and they have to look good to support our overall appearance. In the past, people are coloring their hair because of age or premature greying which is very annoying if your hair is not in the same color and making you look older than your real age. However, along the time, hair coloring is shifting its purpose and become a trendier option.

Hair colorant is almost always using chemical to apply the color into your hair, so it is better not to do it too frequently because it may damage our natural hair and it is also possible in making it look dull or dry. Hair colorant or dye is very popular and we can apply them in salons by professional or at home for more affordable option. Most hair dyes are also fairly easy to use and doesn’t take long to set, so it is very convenient to use.

While there are so many options out there, the issue about at home hair dye is always the result because all of them are claiming to give you a vivid color matching the one printed on the cardbox yet in real practice, not all of them are going to give the same result. This can be affected by the product itself or your hair because going lighter from your natural hair color will require a lighter base as well so virgin hair owner may want to bleach first before applying the color.

About Garnier Olia and Nutrisse
Another challenge when looking for a hair dye is the brand because there is so many options out there with different type and manufacturer so sometime we are not sure about which to pick. If you want to choose quickly, one of the fastest way will be looking for what the market is currently talking about and when it comes to hair dye, Garnier is always one of the best option because they are proving to work amazing in different hair and affordable for most of us.

Garnier is a French originated brand and is among those parented by L’Oreal so in quality we don’t have to doubt them anymore. Beside hair dye, they also offer so many other beauty products worldwide and has a huge collection to offer with a very friendly price. As for the hair dye line, they are currently offering Color Sensation, Nutrisse and Olia. In addition, Nutrisse have other sub lines as well depend on your need or preference.

When talking about hair dye, the damage they cause is always following which is why manufacturer start to infuse beneficial ingredients as well to minimize the bad effect and help your hair stay healthy. If you are concern about the same issue, Garnier Olia and Nutrisse may match your preference because they are infused with additional benefit for your hair, not just as a hair dye. Just like the name Oila here is enriched with oil to promote healthy hair and Nutrisse with important nutrients.

Garnier Olia is claiming to use oil blend in their product and the amount is 60% which is great if you are loving hair oil as well and being made without ammonia, we can be more rest assure as we to apply the dye. As for Nutrisse, this line is claimed to be infused with avocado, olive and shea oils to promote a healthier hair just like with Olia but its oil proportion won’t be as many as the other variant. Read also: Keracolor vs Ultra Color here.

Garnier Olia and Nutrisse Shades
Moving to the color options, we can see so many shades here and comparing the two, it is hard to say that any one of them are lacking in collection because they do have many of them. However, when comparing the two, Nutrisse is definitely winning in term of amount because this variant is offering 63 shades in total compiling both natural and trendy colors such as green, blue and burgundy while Olia do have some trendy colors like darker red and bright orange but, most of them are natural shades.

Garnier Olia and Nutrisse Benefit
Besides putting color in your hair, both of Garnier Olia and Nutrisse are also offering other benefits due to the natural oil they used. Let’s talk about Olia first and what we have to mention here is they are not using ammonium for the dye so as you can expect, they are safer for our hair. Ammonia is used to bust or break through the hair cuticle to deposit color and the consequence of this will be damage and in the end degrade the hair’s structural integrity.

In addition to not using any ammonia, Olia also made with 60% oil and looking into the ingredient list, they seem to use sunflower seed, meadowfoam, and camellia seed oil. Sunflower oil is popularly known as a moisturizer when applied in skin and it also rich in omega 9 or oleic acid so if you are using it in your hair strands, the oil should be helpful when it comes to preventing hair from breaking or making it stronger by providing needed nutrients.

The two other oils are also the same which is rich in omega 9 fatty acids so it will help seal moisture in your hair and prevent them to dry or breaking and damaged due to the color application. At the other hand, Garnier Nutrisse hair dye is using avocado, shea and olive oil that are all rich in fatty acids and the main benefit from these oils is delivering nutrients to your hair but most importantly, they will keep your hair moist after color application.

Applying Garnier Olia and Nutrisse
If you are interested to try, now is the time to apply the hair dye. When you open Garnier Olia and Nutrisse, you will see that they are not coming with the same products inside because Nutrisse has additional fruit oil concentrate. The other however, remains the same from crème developer, color crème, conditioner and the mixing container for Olia. After preparing the tools and making sure they are safe for you, we can start mixing.

Comparing from the consistency, both of them are creamy but when you put them side by side, the Olia mixture is thicker because this one is designed to prevent dripping while the Nutrisse is also creamy yet, not very thick so we don’t have to put more energy when mixing the developer and colorant. Make sure that you hair is clean and detangled then we can start from the root for touch up coloring or apply wherever you prefer in case you are using more than one shade in your hair.

When you are doing all of your hair, make sure to also use a towel so the mixture won’t transfer or dirtying your clothes and then apply little by little by dividing your hair into several parts. Apply generously to make sure all parts are covered to avoid any patches may happen then wait for 25 minutes to let the color settle in your hair. What we need to do last is washing the mixture from our hair and then use the conditioner.

Now, let’s compare Garnier Olia with Nutrisse. As you may already know, both of them are enriched with natural oils to make sure your hair is not going to end up drying after using the dye. What makes them different is the kind of natural oil used, ammonia, and products inside the package because Nutrisse oil is separated in different compartment and it still has ammonia that may harm your hair unlike Olia with simpler mixing and not made with ammonia.

In addition to this differences, they are also different in consistency and Olia is the one with a thicker mixture so there will be no drip but we have to shake them more vigorously to make sure they are all properly mixed.

Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse

BrandGarnier OliaNutrisse
Key features- OIL POWERED PERMANENT HAIR DYE: Olia is an ammonia-free hair color kit for brilliant color and visibly healthier looking hair. Using an exclusive 60% oil blendwith natural flower oils, Olia has a unique no-drip cream formula. - AMMONIA-FREE HAIR COLOR: Olia transforms coloring your hair into a new sensorial experience. Because Olia hair dye is ammonia-free there is no harsh ammonia smell. - GARNIER HAIR COLOR: For hair-nourishing, easy-to-use permanent hair dye, temporary hair color, root touch up, or to enhance your natural hair color, turn to Garnier hair color.- BOLD NOURISHING HAIR COLOR: Discover the #1 Nourishing Color Creme. Nutrisse Ultra Color is formulated with color boost technology & a blend of triple fruit oils--avocado, olive & shea--to deliver bold, boosted permanent hair color, even to dark hair. - PERMANENT HAIR DYE: Garnier Nutrisse hair color crème, with grape seed and avocado oil, comes in a complete hair dye kit and nourishes while it colors with a rich, non drip creme formula - GARNIER HAIR COLOR: For hair-nourishing, easy-to-use permanent hair dye, temporary hair color, root touch up, or to enhance your natural hair color, turn to Garnier hair color.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and preference. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Garnier Olia because it has no ammonia and thicker for easy application.

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