Garnier Olia vs John Frieda Foam

Dying our hair is fun and all until you found a hair dye that not only give you a false shade but also makes your hair drier and looks unhealthy. For those who are concerning about the same issue as well, Garnier Olia vs John Frieda Foam can be your next hair dye because they are designed to be not as drying as many other dyes out there. To know more about them, check our article below and pick the one suit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Hair Dye can Damage your hair
– What are Garnier Olia and John Frieda Foam
– How many Variants these Brands Have to Offer
– What Garnier Olia and John Frieda Foam are made of
– How are the Consistency of Garnier Olia and John Frieda Foam
– Garnier Olia vs John Frieda Foam

Hair Dye Disadvantage
Hair dye has become a trend and now people are not using them to cover their greying hair anymore because in present day, we are doing it in the sake of fashion and to look up to date to the current trend. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look fashionable and appealing or to express ourselves through how we look, it is worth to keep in mind that dying hair frequently may cause harm to your crown due to the chemicals used to apply the new shade.

If you are already coloring your hair since school days, you probably already know that putting colors frequently will eventually hurt your hair and we don’t have to be an expert to understand the effect because we can feel it directly after coloring. At home hair dye is also the same and many people believed that bleaching or coloring at home will alters the integrity of your hair more compared to salon application which should give minimal damage.

The reason why there will be less damage when you ask a professional to apply the dye is because they will know the required treatment to treat your colored hair and they also understand the proper technique to apply them to minimize the bad effect. However, not all of us have the time and money to go to salon and sometime, many of us just need a quick recoloring so going to such establishment may sounds like a hassle, moreover, if we have busy tasks to do.

Hair dye are commonly using two damaging substances called ammonia and peroxide. If you are already familiar with hair dye, these chemicals should be familiar to you as well. Ammonia is here to elevate the pH of your hair, making the cuticle relax and easier to be lift. This stage is already damaging since cuticle is not supposed to be removed and to break down the color, peroxide is taking an action which will remove your natural hair pigment that needed if you want a maximum result from your dye.

This chemical is very drying and the reason why you have a straw-like texture or becomes very dry after washing the dye formulation. After being washed, cuticle comes back down but the damage has already been done. The solution to minimize the damage especially if you are using drugstore hair dye is applying some conditioning or rich solution to give your hair the needed nutrition and prevent it from becoming extremely dry.

About Garnier Olia
When talking about at home or drugstore hair dye, we are going to face so many options both from the brand and series which can work differently as well and this can be very confusing for many of us. For those who want to dye their hair at home yet still want to get a nice result, Garnier is here offering their huge shades or options of hair dyes and variant to suit your taste and preference, moreover, they are also very affordable.

Among those many series, the Olia hair dye is our favorite because just like the name, it is separated from other similar hair dye due to being formulated with 60% oil blend with natural oils to give you a naturally healthy hair, hydrated and has a brilliant color. Read also: Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse here.

Garnier Hair Dye Variant
Garnier has few hair dye lines in the catalogue that are designed to put color yet minimizing damage that may threaten your hair. Currently, they offer Color Sensation for those who want to have a bright, trendy, and Instagram-able hair because this line have a bright and colorful shades, Nutrisse for those who want to benefits from natural oils mainly for those natural shades and Olia which is similar yet has more oil to help you reduce the damage.

Garnier Olia Ingredient
The reason why we love Garnier Olia is not only because it is made mostly with blend of oil which is nice if you are already having a dry hair or want to avoid the drying effect but the hair dye is also made without ammonia so we can minimize the damage made by said chemicals to our hair. When taking a glance into the ingredient list, we found that the hair dye indeed use some natural oils; sunflower seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and camellia seed oil.

The three of them are having a similar result in your hair because they are rich in antioxidant and will act as a moisturizer in your hair so for those with dry and lifeless hair can benefit from these oils. When applied in hair, it should replenish your dry hair or prevent it from drying due to the color application to leave you with a silkier result since they can lock the moisture.

Garnier Olia Consistency
Talking about consistency, Garnier Olia is also very thick in our opinion probably due to the oil mixture used on the formulation and since the cream is thicker than regular hair dye, we will need to shake the bottle very well to mix both developer and colorant. However, when applied, the creamy texture is easier to control and spread, especially when you are working on roots while long hair may want to apply more to make sure all surface are covered properly.

About John Frieda Foam
When looking for something, it is best to also consider the competitor because we may see something interesting or even found a better option that match your liking the most. Beside the hair dye from Garnier, you may want to try John Frieda Foam color hair dye because this is also a nice option for those who prefer to color their hair at home and want to a precision application because just like the name, it has a foamy consistency.

John Frieda Product Variant
John Frieda is hair and beauty brand and they seem to specializing in hair color treatment so you can see many treatment in their catalogue not only about hair dye but they also offer treatment for deepening your hair color, to polish your colored hair, to give it more volume, to give extra shine and gloss, or even those cosmetics to blur your roots as well as several styling tool you may need.

John Frieda Foam Ingredients
Looking into the ingredient list, we can see that John Frieda Foam hair dye is still using ammonia and peroxide that will harm your hair but since they are common in dyes, some of you may be not minding them so much. It is including a natural oil called orbignya oleifera seed oil derived from the babassu palm which is originated from South America. It is similar to coconut oil and probably used here as an emollient or to give you moisturizing effects.

John Frieda Foam Consistency
Moving to the consistency part, this is very interesting in our opinion since we never see something like foaming hair dye before so we are very curious as well. The package has two compartments; one developer and the other is colorant which comes in a small bottle. What’s surprising here is both of them are liquid and look just like a regular simple syrup or similar things. The method is we have to tilt the developer with colorant in big bottle, gently, 5 times, make sure not to shake them.

The instruction is to do it exactly 5 times so don’t overdo it and just to be safe, let’s follow them thoroughly. After you tilt and mix the formulation, now change the cap with a special dispenser included. After you change the cap, now is the time to apply and to push out the hair dye, do squeeze the bottle and what’s coming out is indeed foam and not liquid anymore. It is foamy and soft so it is easier to apply.

When you touch the dye, it feels somehow similar to shaving foam so it is soft and light. Due to its consistency, there will be no drip even if you are applying it messier so we don’t have to be extra careful when putting the dye.

Now, let’s compare Garnier Olia with John Frieda Foam. The difference between them is on the ingredient and consistency because as you may already know, Olia is not using ammonia and made mostly with oil mixture to make sure there will be less damage to your hair and the creamy thick consistency is nice to prevent drip. At the other hand John Frieda Foam is still using both ammonia and peroxide with a foamy, soft consistency.

Garnier Olia vs John Frieda Foam

BrandGarnier OliaNutrisse
Key features- Garnier Olia Hair Color is an ammonia free hair color, the unique non-drip velvet cream formula propels colorants into the hair without ammonia with a pleasant sensorial fragrance - Garnier Olia is unlike any other traditional, permanent hair color -Garnier Olia is a hair dye that delivers brilliant, radiant long-lasting color - Hair dye that leaves hair visibly healthier - hair is hydrated, silky and 3x shinier (than uncolored, unwashed hair)- A true breakthrough in home hair colour This revolutionary, non-drip foam spreads easily into roots and hard-to-reach areas for precise, all-over 100% grey coverage - Precision foam color allows you to achieve real salon-quality colour results very easily at home, every time you colour - This unique foam spreads quickly and easily, fluidawlessly covering the hard-to-reach hair on the back of your head, roots and hairline

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste when it comes to hair dye. Since they can deliver a nice result, it depends on your preference and we personally like Garnier Olia better since it has no ammonia and have several natural oils to keep your hair hydrated.

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