Garnier Nutrisse vs L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge

Choosing a brand of hair dye may not as easy as it seems because each brand may promise different result and will benefit different people as well. Garnier Nutrisse vs L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge are two trusted brands when it comes to at home hair dye kit due to their capability in depositing new colors and leave the hair looks prettier. For those who are interested on these two, go check our article below to see what they can offer which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Hair Dye
– What are Garnier Nutrisse and L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge
– What comes in Garnier Nutrisse and L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge Package
– How to Apply Garnier Nutrisse and L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge
– What Garnier Nutrisse and L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge can offer to you
– Garnier Nutrisse vs L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge

At-Home Hair Dye
Hair dye is very popular until it seems like we never know what certain person natural hair shade look like anymore. Recoloring hair using dye is indeed fun and all but it can damage the hair as well especially those who are seeking to have a lighter shade than their natural hair color since we have to strip what’s present with chemical and this is a very damaging activity when done repetitively for it can cause weak, dry and coarse hair.

While it is sure risky, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy those spring and summer color as we want because depend on your hair condition, permanent dye or semi-permanent are not very harsh on hair. Semi-permanent dyes seem to take the market in the last decade with their colorful shade that categorized as daring and unnatural which is very popular among young people even today. Since it is semi, the dye won’t last long as the traditional permanent type and can fade within a week or even faster.

Besides having to choose which type of dye to apply, we also have to choose the perfect shade for our hair. This is actually not an issue for semi-permanent since they can fade quickly and doesn’t really need a commitment but a problem for permanent dye since if we are picking the wrong shade, it may produce a different result than what we want. The key is try flipping the box and see what they put on the back because here, we will know the more reliable final result.

Each at home hair dye mostly have 3 types of hair color example when colored using the dye starting from the lightest, medium to a darker shade than what’s in the box. This can give us an image of how the dye will turns out later and let us avoid of failed DIY with somehow weird color. The rule of thumb is try picking a slightly darker color than what we want for at home hair kit because the developer they used are usually quite strong.

As you may already know, developer is meant to lift the natural color from our hair so it will becomes lighter than what we get from the sample picture. For those who are planning to use a permanent dye, it is probably better to pick shade that is not 100% the same like we want or goes darker a little bit.

About Garnier Nutrisse
If you already know what color or shade to pick such a brown, blonde, red or goes subtle with black hair, now is the time to pick the brand of hair dyeing kit. In the market, we can find so many brands offering the perfect shade to complement your complexion but of course not all of them will give the same result which is why it is necessary to pick based on other people’s experience so we don’t have to worry whether they are reliable or not.

One of the most popular at home hair dye kit is from Garnier with their Nutrisse line. This hair dye is well-known and has been out there for a while because customer found their products does work well. Other than Nutrisse, the brand also have Color Sensation and Olia which is differentiated by the type of shades and formulation. Nutrisse and Olia is made to prevent drying for damaged hair while the Color Sensation is offering a more colorful collection in which the other two play with natural shades.

Garnier Nutrisse Package
Just like any a home hair dye kit, Garnier Nutrisse is packed in a box with all the products we need to use inside. This special hair kit is coming with a big bottle of developer, a smaller tube of the colorant, a small pack of fruit oil and one conditioner. Notice that there is an additional oil here and this is because this line of dye is designed to be non-drying thanks to the oil which will make the dyes formulation, creamier and less damaging.

Applying Garnier Nutrisse
Before mixing the dye, make sure to put the hand gloves on to prevent stain including a towel to protect your neck. First open the developer and colorant then put the colorant inside the developer bottle then add the fruit oil as well. Garnier Nutrisse developer has a light and liquid consistency while the colorant itself is creamy and similar like a paste. The bottle cap has a small applicator we can use to apply the dye directly.

The final consistency of the dye is liquid and a little bit creamy but when applied won’t create much drip as long as we don’t dispense the dye excessively from the bottle. Start applying from the root by dividing hair into small section then rub them gently to spread the product. When done, start with middle and the rest of the hair to cover all parts properly. In case you have a longer hair, one package may not enough to cover the whole hair so you may need two of them.

Garnier Nutrisse Result
After waiting for about 15-30 minutes, we can begin to wash the dye but don’t forget to apply the conditioner after washing to moisturize hair and prevent drying. The result is very good in our opinion because as long as we don’t go too far lighter or darker, the result will mostly consistent to the sample. What we love the most is it doesn’t dry as much as many other at home hair dye kit since the result is shiny and soft to touch.

Many users with issue like premature greying or want to cover their matured hair find it also reliable and can cover those grey strands very effectively while performance usually last for about 4 to 6 weeks varies from user to another.

About L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge
We have so many options out there so before committing to one product, it may be better to look for what the other brands have to offer and beside Garnier, L’Oreal is also one among the best when it comes to at home hair dyeing kit. Previously, we are talking about the popular Superior Experience in Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying but today, we are going to pick another line which is made especially for people who need to cover their greying or matured hair.

This hair dye is promising a beautifully blended roots with the rest of your hair thanks to the unique technology that creates color full of highs and lows. It is also enriched with pro-keratin complex to give more nourishment to hair and creating a thicker as well as fuller, shinier hair.

L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge Package
L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge is coming in a big package with all the products we need inside to complete the dyeing process. It has a big bottle of the developer and a tube of colorant that need to be mixed together. The developer is a little bit watery yet the colorant is quite thick or very similar to a semi-permanent dye. They also include the conditioner to seal the moisture after application and a small comb which act as an applicator.

Applying L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge
Make sure to detangle the hair before application and start the dyeing process from the roots. What we love about the dye formulation is they are very creamy and easy to control for they won’t create any drip. We can directly put the dye on hair or use the comb by putting some on the tool and then comb the hair back which is very useful especially for the front area to reach and cover those shorter, baby hair properly.

When the roots and front part is done, use the comb to apply on the rest of the length and we can actually pick any method to do it. Some of us prefer using hand and finger to spread the dye while some may love the comb but it is all up to your taste. After all hair is covered with the dye, now we should wait for 30 minutes then wash the hair until the water runs clear. The final step is applying the conditioner called as protecting balm on a half dry hair then leave for 2 minutes then rinse again.

L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge Result
After the hair is dried, we can start to see the result and just like what’s everybody is saying, L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge is indeed working very well. It is affordable and can be a replacement for a more expensive brands because the color is true to the sample. It is designed for people with mostly grey hair because with those we can experience the multi-tone effect. Just like its promise, the dye also leaves the hair softer and nicely moisturized without any dryness.

Now, let’s compare Garnier Nutrisse with L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge. As you may already know, the latter is made specifically for people with matured grey hair to cover their greying hair and produce natural shade of a younger look while Nutrisse is made for anyone who needs to have a different shade of hair color with their wide collection.

Garnier Nutrisse vs L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge

BrandGarnier Nutrisse L'Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge
Key features- Permanent, nourishing hair color creme with three fruit oils- avocado, olive, and shea - The only hair color creme with a separate ampoule of grape seed oil to start nourishing as you color - Rich, radiant, long-lasting color with 100 percent grey coverage-An innovation for mature gray hair - Multi-layered color with a subtle highlighted effect - Zero grays, harmoniously blended roots

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference and final result to obtain. We do like Garnier Nutrisse if your purpose is to recolor the hair with a different shade but for people who just need to gain back their younger hair look by covering the greying part, L’Oreal Paris ExcellenceAge is also a reliable choice as long as they have the shade for you.

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