Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Olia Light Natural Auburn

Trying new hair shades is fun and all but not everytime we can get the desired result due to several issues. Garnier is one of the most popular brand when it comes to at home hair dye kit and they do have lots of options. For those who are into darker, natural shade, Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Olia Light Natural Auburn are two pretty shades to choose. If you are liking these shades as well, go check how they differ below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Hair Dye suit you better
– What are Garnier Nutrisse and Olia
– What are the difference between Nutrisse and Olia
– How to apply Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Olia Light Natural Auburn
– What Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Olia Light Natural Auburn can offer to you
– Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Olia Light Natural Auburn

Hair Dye Type and Shades
Hair dying has become very popular in the last decade due to how easy we get bored with our natural hair color and they are sure seems very fun to try. Some of us probably change their hair every month to get in the hype and appear trendy all the time. While it is our freedom to choose whatever to wear and how to look, it is still necessary to try matching them to our natural figure and see how the things work out in our favor.

There are people who are more into salon treatment and it is good to make sure we are on the right hand but let’s be honest, not all of us have the money, time and patient to sit for hours in a salon chair just to change our hair shade. As an alternative, we can use at home hair dyeing kit or semi-permanent dye to change the color to whatever we want since there are so many of them ranging from natural, traditional shade to a more vivid and daring colors.

Semi-permanent is good for those who want to explore the new shades but don’t want to commit for a long time since most of the time they will fade quickly as quick as days to weeks so we can try another shade without waiting for too long. Since semi-permanent is not requiring any developer, the shade is also harder to match for they can only goes darker. As opposed, a permanent dye with developer can put a wider color options even in darker hair shades.

Moving from the hair dye type, we still have to pick the color or shade that match with our skin tone the most. There is never a fixed rule to dictate that we have certain hair shades and stay within a spectrum but for those who are not fond of unusual or unnatural color and want to keep things suitable for every occasions, picking a subtle shades is a good option. The rule of thumbs to find a shade to flatter your complexion is to pick an opposite side.

This means those who are born with a warm undertones may want to opt for a cooler colors and those with a cool undertone may want to pick those warm shades. However, the importance will varies from hair color to another yet, a still good guideline to remember. As for people who are lucky enough to live with a neutral skin, they are free to choose from both of sides. Read also: Celeb Gem Lites vs Luxury Viral here.

About Garnier Nutrisse and Olia
If you are here, chances are you choose the permanent hair dye which is designed to stay very long in your hair and among those many good brands of at-home hair dye kit, Garnier is one of the best. This brand is very popular because not only we can purchase them almost anywhere for the wide availability and affordable price with a nice result especially in giving the exact same shade similar to the sample picture they put on the box.

While people can argue with it, most of the time the reason why a color is not depositing properly on some people is because the hair is never processed so the dye find it harder to penetrate them and putting the color or shades properly. Just like with many other dyes, it is always good to start with a lighter color for those who want to go either light or darker to get the best result but in case you only need a tint, we may don’t need to do lightening process beforehand.

One of the most popular hair shades that can naturally blend with different undertones is brown which is no surprising since the color is quite versatile to fit in with our skin tones. Auburn is also a versatile shade but the darker it gets, the better it suit people with dark skin shades. These two are rather similar and very natural for different occasions to give you a fresh look without having to take it to the extreme like with green or silver shades.

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Olia Light Natural Auburn Variants
Garnier have so many product option in their catalogue and while in the same hair dye collections, there are few lines we need to decide first which is mostly based on the formulation and some from the hair shades. Two of the most well-known variant from the brand are Nutrisse and Olia but they also have Color Sensation for those who want more than just a traditional hair shades for this line have pastel and new popular colors like pink, blue or purple.

The basic difference between Garnier Nutrisse and Olia can be guessed from the name alone. Nutrisse is different from many other permanent hair dye because this creamy hair dye is enriched with avocado, olive, and shea oils to prevent drying after application and available in 63 shade options. Olia at the other hand is made with 60% oil blend for those who are living with extreme dry hair to prevent more dryness and currently available in 34 shades.

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Olia Light Natural Auburn are two favorite shades we see very similar to each other from each of these variant but if paid attention closely, the Auburn is based in red tones while the brown is coming from the natural brown spectrum. These hair shades often found in people with cool skin tones but those in warmer counterparts may love these shades as well to look fresher.

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Olia Light Natural Auburn Application
Similar like any permanent hair dyes out there, both of these hair dyes variants are easy to apply but will need a little bit more effort compared to semi-permanent. Nutrisse hair dye comes in a package with a bottle of developer, a tube of hair dye, an oil concentrate and a bottle of hair conditioner. On the other hand, Olia comes with a mixing bottle, a tube of developer, a tube of dye and a smaller tube of hair conditioner.

Applying them is quite easy but we have to mix all the parts well first. For Natural Brown from Nutrisse, we just need to add the colorant and oil concentrate into the developer bottle and shake them well with hand. Olia have a separate bottle to use and a thicker developer from a tube to mix together with the colorant. Since it is quite heavy in texture, we have to shake them more than what we did with Nutrisse.

Make sure to prepare a clean, dry hair which has been detangled to ease the application and let the dye seep into the hair strands properly. Use a towel to cover the neck and shoulder area from getting stained from the dye. They are applied directly from the bottle so we may not need to use a brush applicator but a gloves is still needed to protect the hand from the dye and preventing them to have the same shade as your hair.

In consistency, Nutrisse is more liquid than Olia and this is quite prominent probably because Olia is made mainly with oil mix than the creamy and runnier Nutrisse. In term of application, both of them are very easy to apply especially the latter because of the thick and creamy dye similar to a semi-permanent so our hand can spread them easily. The other is harder to maintain for when we applied too much especially on roots, the liquid is dripping into the forehead and in general harder to control.

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Olia Light Natural Auburn Result
After all of the dye is applied to cover the hair, we have to wait from 10 to 30 minutes depend on your preference then washed and apply the conditioner to lock the moisture. Both of Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Olia Light Natural Auburn are putting the shade into the hair very nicely and what’s better is they can work on darker shades as well to go a little bit lighter such as from jet black to dark brown without damaging them.

We adore Olia better because this one has no ammonia in its formulation which mean no unpleasant smell but nice fragrance. While Nutrisse also doesn’t cause drying, Olia rich formulation felt nicer to damaged, over-processed hair that need a color depositing without further harming it.

Now, let’s compare Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown with Olia Light Natural Auburn. These two are coming from different line which makes them have different consistency as well and result. Brown, especially light brown has a nice brown shade which suit people with lighter skin shade and while Auburn mostly worn by those with light skin, this shade looks amazing as well on people with darker skin shade. In term of application, we do like Olia better for how moisturizing it feels on the hair.

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Olia Light Natural Auburn

BrandGarnier Nutrisse Natural BrownOlia Light Natural Auburn
Key features- Permanent, nourishing hair color creme with three fruit oils- avocado, olive, and shea - The only hair color creme with a separate ampoule of grape seed oil to start nourishing as you color - Rich, radiant, long-lasting color with 100 percent grey coverage- With natural flower oils - 100% gray coverage - Permanent Color

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different taste and when it comes to hair shade, we can pick the one based on how we personally like the color. Between the two, we do like the Light Natural Auburn better from Olia line by Garnier because beside it looks prettier in our opinion, the formulation also nice both in application and result.

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