Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Loreal Preference Medium Brown

Hair dyeing is fun and all until we get a different result from what we have planned before. While there are several things that can cause a failed coloring, we can choose to opt for a good hair dye kit to ensure their color depositing capabilities. Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Loreal Preference Medium Brown are two popular natural shades from the respective brands to choose and if you need to know how they differ, check what they can offer below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– Which Hair Dye do you need
– What are Garnier Nutrisse and Loreal Preference
– How to Apply Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Loreal Preference Medium Brown
– What Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown and Loreal Preference Medium Brown can offer to you
– Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Loreal Preference Medium Brown

Choosing Hair Dye
When it comes to hair dye, we can have so many options to choose from the brands, type and the last is shade. People have their own preference and one of the hardest part is probably picking the most suitable color for our hair. Unlike those who are daring and loves to experiment with colorful dyes, us who are just want to recolor the hair nicely to get a fresher look may find it confusing to pick which shade to apply.

There is no fix rule for color since we can express whatever we like and we are free to change how they appear. It can be true for people with a mind already set on a shade or liking a type of color spectrum better because it means we already has a special preference. However, for first timer or never used any dye nor have a preferred shade, we can pick based on the skin tone whether it is warm, cool or neutral.

Many people are recommending people to choose the opposite tone from their natural skin such as warm skin tone with cool shade or cool skin tone with warm shades while those with neutral tones can just wear whatever they like for all tones match their complexion. If you are already deciding which shade suit your skin the best, now is the time to choose whether to pick a permanent dye or semi-permanent since not all of us want commitment to wear the shade for long.

Semi-permanent is often found in a colorful shades such as blue or red and purple, the type of color that can be categorized as daring and trendy while permanent dyes often found in a more natural shades but, there are also permanent dyes that comes in a bright shades as well. Semi-permanent doesn’t need developer to apply the colorant which is why we can’t go lighter with it compared to a permanent dye that can also go lighter a little bit.

The prominent difference is of course in the lasting power due to the developer for its main function is to open hair and put the colorant which mean it can last longer compared to semi-permanent that can only cover the hair strands with the colorant. Semi-permanent depend on the dye’s capability will last from several days to few weeks so we don’t have to be committed to one shade for long.

About Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown
If you are not very daring and just need a natural color to freshen your appearance, you may want to choose the permanent type. Permanent hair dye will come in a kit package because there are several items inside we need to properly apply the color and finish them without putting too much damage. For those who loves natural shade especially from the brown spectrum one of the best option is the Natural Medium Brown from Garnier. This shade is very pretty for anyone but those with cool skin tone is more recommended to wear it.

Garnier is one of the most popular brand when it comes to at home hair dye kit because it is proven to work great in term of depositing the hair dye or colorant. Their formulation is also good because they are not very drying unlike many other similar dyes. The one we pick today is from Nutrisse line and just like the name, it is promising a healthier result because their formulation is made with avocado, olive and shea oil to infuse more moisture.

The brown shade we pick in this article is the Medium Natural Brown or number 50 that looks a little bit like dark nude brown in the sample result combined with a darker shade of bronze brown. Depend on your need, we can use them to color the whole hair or only in some part such as when covering roots or trying a new highlights. Read also: Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Olia Light Natural Auburn here.

Applying Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown
Inside the package of Garnier Nutrisse Medium Natural Brown, there are several items we need to combine before applying the dye because it is permanent and need a developer to work. There is a big bottle with the developer inside, a tube of the hair colorant/dye, a small package or extract oil and a small tube of hair conditioner for after care. First use a hand gloves and put the dye as well as the oil inside the developer bottle then mix them well by shaking it.

The dye is very creamy but the developer is a little bit more liquid so a few shakes should already combine all of them. The final result is almost creamy like milk but with a rather thick consistency and definitely will drip when put on a hand while try lifting one of the side. Before applying them, make sure to already detangle the hair and in dry condition then we can start putting little by little starting from roots or any other part as desired.

Since the formulation is little bit runny, make sure to apply them in a small amount so they won’t drip on your skin. For middle and tips section we can use a comb or brush for easier application or directly from the bottle.

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown Result
After 10-30 minutes, we can start washing the hair and then apply the conditioner to lock the moisture. The result is very satisfying depend on previous hair shade because for those with lighter color and want to try brown with Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown, the shade does show effectively. Lighter hair is preferred for lighter shade but even those with black can get a little tint after using the dye. What we love the most is they are not drying and hair feels soft to touch after application.

About Loreal Preference Medium Brown
There are so many good options out there and you may want to try checking other brand as well that offer one of the most favorite shade of brown. This color is suitable for many skin colors as well whether you are light or tan depend on the tone itself. Besides Garnier, another good at home hair kit we can try is Loreal with their Preference or Superior Preference series. This hair dye is nicely reviewed for giving the exact shade as they displayed.

This line has been formulated with Loreal gold standard in permanent hair dye which is no wonder that they can work beautifully. The one we are picking is the Medium brown or number 5 which should looks amazing for people with neutral skin tone or those with cooler tones because the darker it gets, the more stunning cool skin owner will look.

Applying Loreal Preference Medium Brown
Loreal Preference Medium Brown is like any other permanent hair dye because there are several products inside to mix before application. There are the developer comes in a bigger bottle, the colorant in a smaller bottle, a package of Hi-Shine applicator, and a tube of hair conditioner. Put all of them inside the developer bottle except the conditioner then mix well by shaking the bottle several times. Don’t forget to use a hand gloves and prepare the hair by detangling them first.

What you need to keep in mind is this hair dye mixture is very liquid and almost running like water which is why it is better with bottle application. We can squeeze the bottle to dispense the dye and start applying from roots or the rest of the hair depend on your need. Just like many touch up, for roots application we need to wait for 10 minutes before applying the rest which then added with 20 more minutes.

Loreal Preference Medium Brown Result
After washing the dye, we can see how good Loreal Preference Medium Brown deposit the color. It is as dark as we want when started with a lighter hair shade but still can give a little bit tint for people who are not fond of bleaching or process their hair before. It doesn’t work well on virgin black hair but it is the same like all dyes. What we love is this formulation doesn’t give that harsh and dry effect after application as long as you don’t have a damaged hair.

Now, let’s compare Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown with Loreal Preference Medium Brown. Both of them have a similar formulation but from the texture Loreal is more liquid and runnier so they can drip much when not controlled especially in middle and tips application. From the result, normal hair feels not drying and properly moisturized but the final result is different because Garnier brown is brighter and livelier while Loreal produce a bit ashier dark brown.

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown vs Loreal Preference Medium Brown

BrandGarnier Nutrisse Natural BrownL’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying
Key features- Permanent, nourishing hair color creme with three fruit oils- avocado, olive, and shea - The only hair color creme with a separate ampoule of grape seed oil to start nourishing as you color - Rich, radiant, long-lasting color with 100 percent grey coverage - Available in 45 nourishing shades- Ultra long-lasting color and shine system - Patented Fade-Resistant Colorants deeply replenish every strand with rich - long-lasting color that shines - Brilliantly balanced shades stay true to the tone week after week, won't fade-out, turn dull or brassy.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because like any favorite color, we have our different taste. We do like Garnier Nutrisse Natural Brown better because it suits many different skin tone and looks fresher.

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