Celeb Gem Lites vs Luxury Viral

Some people want to change their hair color as quickly as two weeks while some of us want them to stay longer for various reasons such as we do love the shade or want to put gap between the transition. For those who need to keep their colored hair longer, Celeb Gem Lites vs Luxury Viral are two nice options to choose. While they are identical, depend on the hair color we may also need different variant. To see which suit you the most, go check them below.

In this article below, we are going to give you information about:
– How to make your hair shade last longer
– What is Color Depositing Shampoo
– What are Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral
– Celeb Shampoo Variant
– How to Apply Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral
– What Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral can offer to you
– Celeb Gem Lites vs Luxury Viral

Long Lasting Hair Color
Dyeing our hair with different color is fun and all to let us enjoy a new look or match the shade with whatever trend currently happening. Many of us dye hair solely because of fashion reason which is the most often why other people change their appearance from time to time. Hair dying can be complicated or as easy as putting the cream on our hair that we can do at home but, when it comes to complex shades, it is probably better to leave the work at professional hands.

This apply for permanent dye as well since getting salon treatment for something we only want to keep for two weeks is just not worth the effort. For at home dye, there are so many great options out there which let us put almost any shade we want such as those from Sparks Hair Color vs Pravana. They are semi-permanent dye so depend on how we treat them, they will last between two weeks to more than a month and for permanent dye, they may last much longer.

Doing permanent dye in salon is not a cheap treatment, moreover, if we are going to a popular, celebrity picked establishment. While they do cost some money, those beautiful shade is not going to last there forever and they will eventually fade from our hair. This may not a big issue if you want to change them quickly but if you are already in love with the shade, it is good to let them stay a bit longer and pushed the recoloring date back.

To keep the shade longer, we can practice or follow steps at home daily which is quite effective to preserve the color. First is wait for at least 72 hours before washing the hair for the first time after dying to fully close the cuticle and protecting the deposited color. Second is pick a sulfate-free shampoo to make sure it doesn’t strip the dye and use them with dry shampoo in days we don’t need to wash with water.

Color Depositing Shampoo
The last but not least to try to wash the hair less often and if you need a more potent shampoo rather than avoiding sulfate, there are so many color depositing shampoos we can choose in the market to replenish the shade. These shampoos are designed to add some shades into your fading dye to make sure they stay vivid longer similar like when we are using conditioner infused with some dyes. They are also available in various shades depend on your hair color.

Since they are made to deposit color, our shampoo will have pigment of our hair color inside unlike regular shampoo but, this pigment is not as strong as what we get from a single dye and only meant to replenish the amount of color lost during the wash or heat styling. Depend on each formulation, we may find some better products at depositing colors or at treating your hair but the best one is always both prominent shades and keep the hair healthy.

About Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral
We can choose from the huge options out there but since they are varied from brand to types, it can be quite overwhelming for first time to distinguish which shampoo suit their need better as well as which shade to choose. If you don’t have much time and don’t want to search from one brand to another, it is good to start from what other people have used until today or see what the best-selling items may work for you.

Among those many brands, Celeb is one of the most popular and offer complete solution for people who want to keep their hair shade longer. Celeb or Celeb Luxury is a brand that use to specifically offer haircolor cleansing and conditioning with a vision to prolong our love towards whatever shade we currently have on our hair. They also promise to replenish color that has been fading from the past to becoming vibrant again with the complete treatment of shampoo and conditioner.

Unlike many others, Celeb only offer few lines of products in their catalogue which each has the shampoo and conditioner but in a wide range of different shade. In the past, we used to dye hair with a natural or at least calmer and more common, neutral shade such as brown, blonde or black. Some goes red and orange but today, the shade collections of hair dye manufacturer is as close as hundreds, moreover, in the last several years with the colorful hair trend.

Today, young people whether male or female are more familiar with hair dye in strong, daring shade like green, blue, bright red, purple or even pink which is all has been worn by so many influencer alike in various social media platforms. They create a trend and then followed by other people where today we can see that yellow somehow not that very surprising again. Celeb understand this so they create a different lines for different type of shades.

Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral Variant
Just like our article’s title, Celeb has two version of the products Gem Lites and Luxury Viral. Both of them are actually promising the same result but what differs them prominently and will be the key to how to choose the variant is the shade itself. Gem Lites is a version in which the color or shades collection is more into the traditional counterpart while as you can guess, the Viral is the one with colorful, modern shades like silver, teal, purple or pastel colors.

In addition, they also have product called Colorditioner which is just like the name, is a conditioner. This variant is suitable for those who need more TLC since it has added benefit of BondFix to repair the hair and leaving them stronger.

Applying Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral
Just like every other solution, we need to understand how to use these product properly to get the best result. However, since they are not a hair dye, we don’t have to treat them the same like when coloring the hair whether at home or at the salon and the simplest explanation is to use them like using regular shampoo. First, wet the hair properly so we can spread the shampoo easier later and put an amount on the palm then spread them.

We don’t have to lather it first and just directly apply on wet hair. It can depend on how thick the hair is, to make sure the color can cover all the hair, we have to put enough amount in one wash. Both of Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral are coming with the same consistency which is very similar to a hair dye and in the color of our pick, so for example a lavender purple will have a blue-ish purple shampoo and when mixed with water, they does lather like a regular shampoo.

What’s difference is unlike regular shampoo where we can just wash them after properly massaging and cleansing the hair, we have to wait for about 3 minutes in each wash to let the shampoo deposit its color, similar when using a hair dye. For those who prefer, we can repeat the washing process few times like once or twice to get the desired result and after done, put the conditioner as well to keep them moisturized.

Celeb Gem Lites and Luxury Viral Result
After washing the shampoo and conditioner, we can see the result on how the shampoo deposit the color on our hair. We are currently trying to use lavender shade on a processed blonde hair and the result is quite satisfying. The shade show on the hair tips better than in the middle, probably because the tips is more over-processed than the rest. In one try the tips get stained in soft purple and in twice application, the shade appear to be stronger, even more on the third application.

As you can expect, the result of either Celeb Gem Lites or Luxury Viral are not instant so we definitely need a routine application to deposit the color properly. It may takes time for a blond or silver hair to have vivid color but if you need them to replenish a dull color or want to keep the current shade for long, we do think that they are very dependable.

Now, let’s compare Celeb Gem Lites with Luxury Viral. The difference between both of these color depositing shampoos is on the shade as we have said above. The Lites are offering traditional hair color such as ash blonde, red, brown, silvery white and black while the Viral shampoo is offering trendy hair shades that has been widely chosen in the last several years like yellow, teal, blue, purple or pink and lavender shades.

Celeb Gem Lites vs Luxury Viral

BrandCeleb Gem LitesLuxury Viral
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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different hair shades that needs to be replenished. The key is if you have traditional shade, chances you will need Gem Lites shampoo but if you have bold colors the Viral is the right one to go.

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